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  • Belmont Revisited

    Belmont Revisited
    James F. Childress, Eric M. Meslin, Harold T. Shapiro

    Belmont Revisited looks back to reexamine the creation and influence of the Belmont Report, and also looks forward to the future of research — with a strong call to rethink how institutions and investigators can conduct research more …

  • Computational Intelligence in Medical Informatics

    Computational Intelligence in Medical Informatics
    Arpad Kelemen, Ajith Abraham, Yulan Liang

    This book deals with the application of computational intelligence in medical informatics. Addressing the various issues of medical informatics using different computational intelligence approaches is the novelty of this edited volume.

  • Long Non Coding RNAs

    Long Non-Coding RNAs
    Ðurðica Ugarković

    This book provides an overview of the rapidly advancing field of long ncRNAs, describing the epigenetic and non-epigenetic mechanisms by which they regulate various biological functions in model systems, from yeast to mammals.

  • New Strategies in Stroke Intervention

    New Strategies in Stroke Intervention
    Lucio Annunziato

    This book provides a groundbreaking review of these ionic channels, pumps, and transporters as regulators of neuronal ionic homeostasis, providing a better understanding of ischemic brain disorders and the new pharmacological avenues for a …

  • Class 1 Oxidoreductases XI

    Class 1 Oxidoreductases XI
    Dietmar Schomburg, Ida Schomburg

    This new, second edition reflects considerable progress in enzymology: many enzymes are newly classified or reclassified. Each entry is correlated with references and one or more source organisms.

  • J B Collip and the Development of Medical Research in Canada

    J.B. Collip and the Development of Medical Research in Canada
    Alison Li

    The intriguing life of J.B. Collip, whose restless drive fuelled his pioneering studies in endocrinology and sustained a successful research enterprise through the first half of the twentieth century.

  • Personalizing Evaluation

    Personalizing Evaluation
    Saville Kushner

    Saville Kushner shows how evaluation should document individual and group experience and use this as a lens through which to read social

  • Australian Nurses Dictionary

    Australian Nurses’ Dictionary
    Jennie King, Rhonda Hawley

    The forth edition of this well-established text has been updated to reflect the most current guidelines, terminology, policies and procedures.

  • Comparative Placentation

    Comparative Placentation
    Peter Wooding, Graham Burton

    Comparative Placentation is the only book presenting up-to-date data illustrating the great variety of structure but uniform function of vertebrate placentas from fish to man.

  • Nanobiotechnology of Biomimetic Membranes

    Nanobiotechnology of Biomimetic Membranes
    Donald Martin

    This book describes the current state of research and development in biomimetic membranes for nanobiotechnology applications.

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