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  • Footmarks of Innate Immunity in the Ovary and Cytokeratin Positive Cells as Potential Dendritic Cells

    Footmarks of Innate Immunity in the Ovary and Cytokeratin-Positive Cells as Potential Dendritic Cells
    Katharina Spanel-Borowski

    The monograph introduces innate immunity as second authority in the ovary besides the endocrine system.

  • Embryo and Fetal Pathology

    Embryo and Fetal Pathology
    Enid Gilbert-Barness, Diane Debich-Spicer

    It covers the full range of embryo and fetal pathology, from point of death, autopsy and ultrasound, through specific syndromes, intrauterine problems, organ and system defects to multiple births and conjoined twins.

  • Testing Women Testing the Fetus

    Testing Women, Testing the Fetus
    Rayna Rapp

    Rich with the voices and stories of participants, these touching, firsthand accounts examine how women of diverse racial, ethnic, class and religious backgrounds perceive prenatal testing, the most prevalent and routinized of the new …

  • Mental Health Aspects of Women s Reproductive Health

    Mental Health Aspects of Women’s Reproductive Health
    World Health Organization

    This book has reviewed the research undertaken on a broad range of reproductive health issues and their mental health determinants/consequences over the last 15 years from both high- and low-income countries.

  • Bodies of Technology

    Bodies of Technology
    Ann Rudinow Saetnan, Nelly Oudshoorn

    This work is based on a concern for women's health and autonomy and on the premise that technology and society mutually shape one another. A basic question is one of cultural appropriation.

  • Pathology of the Vulva and Vagina

    Pathology of the Vulva and Vagina
    Laurence Brown

    This book updates the considerable recent progress in vulval pathology, including significant changes in the FIGO staging system for cancer of this region.

  • Biology and Pathology of the Oocyte

    Biology and Pathology of the Oocyte
    Alan Trounson, Roger Gosden, Ursula Eichenlaub-Ritter

    This new edition covers the development, biology and pathology of the oocyte, and technologies to manipulate, enhance and control fertility.

  • Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations Reproductive System

    Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations: Reproductive System
    Roger P. Smith, Paul Turek

    This volume in The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations (the CIBA "Green Books") has been expanded and revised by Drs.

  • Essentials of Menopause Management

    Essentials of Menopause Management
    Lubna Pal, Raja A. Sayegh

    Developed as a multidisciplinary collaboration and addressing the needs of practicing reproductive medicine clinicians and researchers providing care to an aging female population, Essentials of Menopause Management provides clear, up-to …

  • Human Reproductive Biology

    Human Reproductive Biology
    Richard E. Jones, Kristin H. Lopez

    This acclaimed text has been fully revised and updated, now incorporating issues including aging of the reproductive system, and updates on the chapters on conception and Gamete Transport and Fertilization, and Pregnancy.

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