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  • Environments for Health

    Environments for Health
    John MacDonald

    This book sets out to chart the main steps of this movement and to indicate some of the ways of thinking and action which can help form new ways of approaching health care.

  • High Risk Sexual Behavior

    High-Risk Sexual Behavior
    Evvie Becker, Elizabeth Rankin, Annette U. Rickel

    High-Risk Sexual Behavior outlines specific interventions that address the needs of particularly vulnerable populations: women, ethnic minorities and the gay community.

  • Enteroimmunology

    Dr. Charles Lewis

    Enteroimmunology explains the emerging understanding of the ecology of the gut and its relationship with diet, food and nutrition. This highly acclaimed book, now in its 3rd edition, has been extensively updated and expanded.

  • Psychosocial Effects of Screening for Disease Prevention and Detection

    Psychosocial Effects of Screening for Disease Prevention and Detection
    Robert T. Croyle

    Bridging the gap between data, theory and public health policy, this volume is essential reading for researchers, professionals and policymakers concerned with the prevention of acute and chronic disease.

  • Epidemics

    Sarah Dry, Melissa Leach

    This book aims to bring the focus back to these marginal populations to reveal the often unintended consequences of current policy responses to epidemics.

  • Home Long Term Oxygen Treatment in Italy

    Home Long-Term Oxygen Treatment in Italy
    R.W. Dal Negro, A.I. Goldberg

  • Sexual Health and Genital Medicine in Clinical Practice

    Sexual Health and Genital Medicine in Clinical Practice
    Christopher Sonnex

    This book is aimed at medical practitioners who require a quick reference guide to help with diagnosis and management of genital problems.

  • Valkuilen in de orthopedische diagnostiek

    Valkuilen in de orthopedische diagnostiek
    Koos van Nugteren, D. Winkel

    Soms heeft zo’n vergissing grote consequenties voor de patiënt. Dit boek gaat over dergelijke valkuilen in de orthopedische diagnostiek.

  • Looking Good Feeling Good

    Looking Good, Feeling Good
    Dr Bruce Miller

    For instance, while we cannot stop aging itself, we can arrest and in some cases even reverse the visible effects of aging. This book is loaded with all of the latest information on the nutrition and health of your hair, skin, and nails.

  • Healthy at Work

    Healthy at Work
    Markus Wiencke, Mirella Cacace, Sebastian Fischer

    This book aims at exploring the link between corporate and organizational culture, public and private policies, leadership and managerial skills or attitudes, and the successful implementation of work-related healthcare in Europe.

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