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  • Nitroimidazoles

    A. Breccia

    The volumes of the proceedings include contributions from experts with such diverse interests as synthetic chemistry, mechanism of drug action, parasitology, anaerobic bacteria and protozoa, pharmacology and toxicology, radiation …

  • Sensory Nerves

    Sensory Nerves
    Brendan J. Canning, Domenico Spina

    The intention of this book is to provide a comprehensive and contemporary review of the biology of sensory nerves. The book is unique, as it comprehensively covers the role of sensory nerves across many therapeutic areas.

  • Sociology for Pharmacists

    Sociology for Pharmacists
    Kevin M. G. Taylor, Sarah Nettleton, Geoffrey Harding

    This timely book does just that by encouraging pharmacists to become more involved with advising clients, managing medicines, and supporting the promotion of health.

  • Collaboration in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Collaboration in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Viviane Quirke

    Examining the issue of 'British decline' after the war, this fascinating text describes the evolution of cooperation in Britain and France, and argues that the relationship between these two countries helped to disseminate a culture of …

  • Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence for the Regulatory Affairs Professional

    Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence for the Regulatory Affairs Professional
    Raymond A. Huml

    This Brief defines competitive intelligence (CI) as a tool for making investment decisions within the pharmaceutical industry.

  • QSAR and Drug Design New Developments and Applications

    QSAR and Drug Design: New Developments and Applications
    H. Timmerman

    Based on topics presented at the Annual Japanese (Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationship Symposium and the Biennial China-Japan Drug Design and Development conference, the topics in this volume cover almost every procedure and …

  • Electronic Prescribing A Safety and Implementation Guide

    Electronic Prescribing: A Safety and Implementation Guide
    Michael Van Ornum

    Whether you are a health professional, physician, office manager, or medical secretary, THIS BOOK will provide the information you need to know for safe electronic prescribing by exploring how e-prescribing works, recognizing what e …

  • Choices for Living

    Choices for Living
    Thomas S. Langner

    In contrast, this book looks at the ways in which the fear of death operates on a back burner throughout our lives and how it influences the choices we make and the paths that we follow in life.

  • Atlas of Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy

    Atlas of Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy
    Roni Shiloh, Rafael Stryjer, Abraham Weizman, David J. Nutt

    This exceptional book provides a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms of action involved in psychiatric pharmacotherapy.

  • Chinesische Medizin f r die westliche Welt

    Chinesische Medizin für die westliche Welt
    Christian Schmincke

    Der Autor Dr. Christian Schmincke ist Gründer und Chefarzt der Klinik am Steigerwald, eine Spezialklinik für Chinesiche Medizin und biologische Heilverfahren.

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