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  • Microtia and Atresia

    Microtia and Atresia
    K. Kaga, H. Asato

    This book presents the latest findings on reconstructive surgery performed jointly by plastic surgeons and otologists.

  •           е   к                             Volume 3

    Многотомное руководство по оториноларингологии, Volume 3
    А.Г. Лихачев

    This book, "Mnogotomnoe rukovodstvo po otorinolaringologii Tom 3," by A.G. Lihachev, is a replication of a book originally published before 1963.

  • Sensory Neuroscience Four Laws of Psychophysics

    Sensory Neuroscience: Four Laws of Psychophysics
    Jozef J. Zwislocki

    This book will be particularly useful to auditory researchers, experimental psychologists, and behavioral neuroscientists.

  • Handbook of Mouse Auditory Research

    Handbook of Mouse Auditory Research
    James F. Willott

    This unique compilation of chapters reviews a broad range of topics at the cutting edge of hearing research.

  • Diseases of the Sinuses

    Diseases of the Sinuses
    M. Eric Gershwin

    The comprehensive nature of this text will appeal To many physicians, the study of sinus disease to a wide range of physicians including generalists, reflects a discipline only slightly less interesting otolaryngologists, and allergists.

  • Molecular Allergy Diagnostics

    Molecular Allergy Diagnostics
    Jörg Kleine-Tebbe, Thilo Jakob

    This book, based on a recent German publication, offers an overview of basic data and recent developments in the groundbreaking field of molecular allergology.

  • An Illustrated Textbook Ear Nose Throat and Head Neck Surgery

    An Illustrated Textbook: Ear, Nose & Throat and Head & Neck Surgery
    Rakesh Prasad Shrivastav

    This new edition has been fully revised to bring medical students and trainees fully up to date with the latest advances in ear, nose and throat, and head and neck surgery.

  • Textbook of Tinnitus

    Textbook of Tinnitus
    Aage R. Møller, Berthold Langguth, Dirk DeRidder, Tobias Kleinjung

    Importantly, the book emphasizes that tinnitus is not one disease but a group of rather diverse disorders with different pathophysiology, different causes and, consequently, different treatments.

  • ABC of Ear Nose and Throat

    ABC of Ear, Nose and Throat
    Harold S. Ludman, Patrick J. Bradley

    This new edition of the best-selling ABC of Otolaryngology offers an up-to-date overview of otolaryngology, and head and neck surgery (ENT).

  • Endoscopic Sinonasal Dissection Guide

    Endoscopic Sinonasal Dissection Guide
    Roy R. Casiano, Islam R. Herzallah, Jean Anderson Eloy

    This remarkable manual encompasses the author's 30 years of experience and unique perspectives teaching endoscopic sinonasal surgery to residents and fellows.

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