Books in category Medical – Ophthalmology

  • Practical Handbook of OCT

    Practical Handbook of OCT
    Bruno Lumbroso, Marco Rispoli

    Practical guidance on analysis and interpretation of OCT images, covering wide range of condtions including retinal disorders, glaucoma and neurologic disorders.

  • Ocular Therapeutics

    Ocular Therapeutics
    Ashok Garg

    The third edition of Ocular Therapeutics brings practitioners up to date with the latest advances in ophthalmic drugs.

  • Functional Vision

    Functional Vision
    Amanda Hall Lueck

    Emphasizing the need for collaboration and cooperation across medical, education, rehabilitation, and social service disciplines, this volume provides a primary reference tool for those engaged in work related to low vision rehabilitation …

  • The Ophthalmic Surgical Assistant

    The Ophthalmic Surgical Assistant
    Regina Boess-Lott, Sharon Stecik

    This book contains basic guidelines and typical scenarios that the ophthalmic surgical assistant needs to know.

  • Ocular Differential Diagnosis

    Ocular Differential Diagnosis
    Frederick Hampton Roy

    The ninth edition of Ocular Differential Diagnosis is a practical manual to help practitioners make a quick diagnosis based on presentation and symptoms.

  • Phacoemulsification

    Lucio Buratto

    Phacoemulsification: Principles and Techniques, Second Edition is perfect for the surgeon interested in learning the concepts, developing skills, and preparing for the actual surgical procedure.

  • Cornea Atlas E Book

    Cornea Atlas E-Book
    Jay H. Krachmer, David A Palay

    Get an unprecedented view of corneal disease with Cornea Atlas by Jay H. Krachmer, MD and David A. Palay, MD. Hailed as the sharpest, most accurate collection of corneal images available, it is the only atlas that offers such an easy-to …

  • Eye Emergencies a practitioner s guide 2 ed

    Eye Emergencies: a practitioner’s guide – 2/ed
    Julie Tillotson, Emma Whittingham, Dorothy Field

    The system of flag symbols in the margins, highlighting the diagnostic significance of symptoms described in a particular context, makes this book particularly useful for quick reference.

  • Principles and Practice of Vitreoretinal Surgery

    Principles and Practice of Vitreoretinal Surgery
    Narendran V, Abhishek Kothari, Steve Charles, V. R. Saravanan, Ingrid Kreissig

    Comprehensive guide to latest techniques in vitreoretinal surgery. Includes complete section on paediatric retinal surgery.

  • Clinica dell apparato visivo II ed

    Clinica dell’apparato visivo II ed.
    Claudio Azzolini, Francesco Carta, Stefano Gandolfi, Ugo Menchini, Francesca Simonelli, Carlo Enrico Traverso

    In questa nuova edizione รจ stato dato ampio spazio alla diagnostica per immagini , alla genetica e sono stati aggiornati in maniera sostanziale i capitoli relativi alle patologie della retina (maculopatie), del cristallino (cataratta) e …

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