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  • Protecting Infants through Human Milk

    Protecting Infants through Human Milk
    Larry K. Pickering, Ardythe L. Morrow, Guillermo M. Ruiz-Palacios, Richard Schanler

    This volume also integrates data from animal and in vitro laboratory studies with clinical and population studies to examine human milk production and composition, the mechanisms of infant protection and/or risk from human milk feeding, and …

  • Antiviral Chemotherapy 5

    Antiviral Chemotherapy 5
    John Mills, Paul A. Volberding, Lawrence Corey

    Scientists and clinicians attending the last "New Directions in Antiviral Therapy" conference in late 1994 could hardly have predicted the revolution in the management of patients with HIV infection that has occurred since.

  • Human Helminthiases in the Philippines

    Human Helminthiases in the Philippines
    Erhard Hinz

    Submitted to the Meeting of 30 June, 1984, by Haas, Richard English Translation by Hellen, J.A.; Hellen, I.F.

  • Microalgae

    E. W. Becker

    The book will be essential reading for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers in the field.

  • Antimalarial Drug II

    Antimalarial Drug II

    The construction of this volume has been guided by two personal convictions.

  • Bergey s Manual┬ of Systematic Bacteriology

    Bergey’s Manual┬« of Systematic Bacteriology
    Don J. Brenner, Noel R. Krieg, James R. Staley

    Includes a description of the Gammaproteobacteria (1203 pages, 222 figures, and 300 tables). This large taxon includes many well known medically and environmentally important groups.

  • The Human Microbiota and Microbiome

    The Human Microbiota and Microbiome
    Julian R Marchesi

    This book presents a review of the current understanding of human microbiomes, the functions that they bring to the host, how we can model them, their role in health and disease and the methods used to explore them.

  • Biotechnology of Biofertilizers

    Biotechnology of Biofertilizers
    Sadasivam Kannaiyan

  • Lexikon der Infektionskrankheiten des Menschen

    Lexikon der Infektionskrankheiten des Menschen
    Gholamreza Darai, Michaela Handermann, Hans-G├╝nther Sonntag, Christian A. Tidona, Lothar Z├Âller

    Auflage des "Lexikon der Infektionskrankheiten des Menschen" reflektiert den enormen Zuwachs des mikrobiologischen und klinischen Wissens: neu beschriebene Erregerspezies, neu entdeckte Resistenzmechanismen, neue Impfstoffe und Antibiotika, …

  • Microbiology for Health Careers

    Microbiology for Health Careers
    Lynne I. Grover-Lakomia, Elizabeth Fong

    This book "is designed for students in a variety of allied health programs, including medical laboratory technology, medical assisting, dental assisting, respiratory therapy, radiologic technology, and licensed practical/vocational nursing.

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