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  • Entitlement Politics

    Entitlement Politics
    David G. Smith

    This volume leads the way toward that understanding. David G. Smith is Richter Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Swarthmore College and has been a student of health policy since 1965.

  • Just Medicare

    Just Medicare
    Colleen M. Flood

    Just Medicare illustrates that legal scholars can also contribute to the issue of how to allocate scarce health resources by determining what constitutes fair processes for decision-making, and by challenging unjust processes.

  • Civilian Health Insurance Options of Military Retirees

    Civilian Health Insurance Options of Military Retirees
    Louis T. Mariano

    Pilot survey results on military retirees offer the Department of Defense (DoD) useful information on retirees' health care status, enrollment in civilian health care plans, and reliance on TRICARE, the DoD-sponsored health insurance.

  • Welfare Medicine in America

    Welfare Medicine in America

    This volume contains a comprehensive study of the Medicaid programme in the United States.

  • Primary Health Care in Cuba

    Primary Health Care in Cuba
    Linda M. Whiteford, Laurence G. Branch

    It has eradicated malaria and polio, and curtailed HIV/AIDS and dengue fever. This book focuses on the successes of Cuba's preventive primary health care system, rather than the deficit of the curative care system.

  • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage for Dummies Volume 2

    Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage for Dummies, Volume 2
    Patricia Barry

    Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage For Dummies offers strategies to cut through the confusions of Part D, either for yourself or for someone you're helping.

  • Medicaid Politics and Policy

    Medicaid Politics and Policy
    David G. Smith, Judith D. Moore

    The authors make this story come alive for the reader by providing a strong connected narrative, detailed accounts of important policy changes, and extensive use of interviews with individuals close to events.

  • Complexity and Healthcare Organization

    Complexity and Healthcare Organization
    David Kernick

    All those involved in the planning, management, commissioning, and delivery of healthcare will find this book useful and fascinating reading.

  • Health Care Finance and Economics

    Health Care Finance and Economics
    Steven R. Eastaugh

    This text will help you meet the considerable challenge of cutting costs while enhancing service quality.Health Care Finance and Economics provides a complete understanding of financial management and health economics.

  • Medicare

    Marilyn Moon

    She examines the problems facing the program and which reform options hold the most promise. She also examines the history of Medicare and how the program works in the broader context of health care, the federal government, and the economy.

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