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  • Standards for Long Term Care 2012

    Standards for Long Term Care 2012
    Joint Commission on Accreditation Health

    Helps you quickly and easily find the standards and scoring information you need. This title puts the accreditation requirements, policies, and procedures at your fingertips and includes scoring information at every element of performance.

  • Community Based Systems of Long Term Care

    Community-Based Systems of Long-Term Care
    Rick T. Zawadski

    Policymakers, caregivers, and students of public administration and gerontology must read this valuable book.

  • Living with Cancer

    Living with Cancer
    Vicki A. Jackson, David P. Ryan, Michelle D. Seaton

    An empathetic resource full of relatable patient stories, this book teaches patients and caregivers how to ask the right questions to get the best possible care-beginning at the moment of diagnosis. Drs.

  • Weekdays with Roy

    Weekdays with Roy
    Rote Writer

    Copyright © 2014 by Rote Writer ® All rights reserved Printed in Canada 1st Edition Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by means, electronic or …

  • When Someone you Care for is Sick

    When Someone you Care for is Sick
    Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D.

    This book opens new vistas, and shows one how to remain positive, mobilize inner resources and use this time of life to develop a deeper connection to others and to oneself.

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  • 松鼠之家 :失智症大地

    ※ 這本書的書名來自一部電影Se souvenir des belles choses(英譯Beautiful Memories, 2001,台灣譯為〈記得我愛你〉)。 ※ 如William Gibson …

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    讓衰老變慢,中老人也可以吃得很長壽 延緩衰老,先要吃對,後要吃好 ■速查速用:省時、省力、省錢,一用見效 ■簡便易行:易找、易買、易用,一看就懂 …