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  • Protecting Infants through Human Milk

    Protecting Infants through Human Milk
    Larry K. Pickering, Ardythe L. Morrow, Guillermo M. Ruiz-Palacios, Richard Schanler

    This volume also integrates data from animal and in vitro laboratory studies with clinical and population studies to examine human milk production and composition, the mechanisms of infant protection and/or risk from human milk feeding, and …

  • Oxford Handbook of Epidemiology for Clinicians

    Oxford Handbook of Epidemiology for Clinicians
    Helen Ward, Mireille B. Toledano

    The Oxford Handbook of Epidemiology for Clinicians provides all the information required by students and junior doctors who need to understand and translate key epidemiological concepts into medical practice.

  • Infectious Diseases of Ivory Coast

    Infectious Diseases of Ivory Coast
    GIDEON Informatics, Inc., Dr. Stephen Berger

    Infectious Diseases of Ivory Coast is one in a series of GIDEON ebooks which explore all individual infectious diseases, drugs, vaccines, outbreaks, surveys and pathogens in every country of the world.

  • Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases

    Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases
    Hans D. Ochs,, C. I. Edvard Smith,, Jennifer M. Puck,

    This third edition of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases provides readers with the historic and scientific background, clinical presentations, immunologic characteristics, and the molecular/genetic underpinnings of this rapidly enlarging …

  • Fiches de mycologie

    Fiches de mycologie
    Viviane Guillaume

    Cet ouvrage s’articule autour de trois parties correspondant aux trois principaux genres rencontrés en analyse courante de mycologie médicale : les levures, les dermatophytes, les champignons filamenteux.

  • Acute Respiratory Infections

    Acute Respiratory Infections
    Wei Shen Lim

    This pocketbook is a concise companion for health care professionals who manage patients with acute lung infections.

  • Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology

    Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology
    Richard A Watts, Philip Conaghan, Chris Denton, Helen Foster, John Isaacs, Ulf Müller-Ladner

    This fourth edition of the Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology provides a complete overview of all rheumatological and musculoskeletal problems, and is a comprehensive reference for all trainees and specialists in the field.

  • Emerging Viruses

    Emerging Viruses
    Stephen S. Morse

    New epidemics such as AIDS and "mad cow" disease have dramatized the need to explore the factors underlying rapid viral evolution and emerging viruses. This comprehensive volume is the first to describe this multifaceted new field.

  • An Introduction to Mathematical Epidemiology

    An Introduction to Mathematical Epidemiology
    Maia Martcheva

    The book is a comprehensive, self-contained introduction to the mathematical modeling and analysis of infectious diseases.

  • SARS in Context

    SARS in Context
    Jacalyn Duffin, Arthur Sweetman

    They also reflect on how the advent of SARS alters their views of the past. Finally, policy experts comment on possible changes to health care that the SARS experience suggests should be made.

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