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  • A Pest in the Land

    A Pest in the Land
    Suzanne Austin Alchon

    Whereas many late twentieth century scholars blamed the catastrophic decline of postconquest native populations on the introduction of previously unknown infections from the Old World, Alchon argues that the experiences of native peoples in …

  • Fighting for Our Lives

    Fighting for Our Lives
    Susan Maizel Chambré

    By drawing attention to the major faults of New York's (and America's) response to a major social and health crisis at the end of the twentieth century, the book urges more effective and sensitive actions-both governmental and civil-in the …

  • Bathsheba s Breast

    Bathsheba’s Breast
    James S. Olson

    Olson concludes that, although it has not yet been conquered, breast cancer is no longer the story of individual women struggling alone against a mysterious and deadly foe.

  • Great Feuds in Medicine

    Great Feuds in Medicine
    Hal Hellman

    From William Harvey’s 17th-century battle with the medical establishment over his discovery that blood circulates and Jonas Salk’s legendary fight with Albert Sabin over polio vaccinations (a fight Salk ultimately lost) to the nasty …

  • Spreading Germs

    Spreading Germs
    Michael Worboys

    Spreading Germs discusses how modern ideas on the bacterial causes diseases were constructed and spread within the British medical profession.

  • Epidemics Laid Low

    Epidemics Laid Low
    Patrice Bourdelais

    In Epidemics Laid Low epidemiologist and historian Patrice Bourdelais analyzes the history of disease epidemics in Europe from the Middle Ages to the present.

  • Love on the Rocks

    Love on the Rocks
    Lori Rotskoff

    A cultural history of drinking and alcoholism from Prohibition to the mid-1960s, focusing on how gender norms and ideologies of marriage shaped Americans' views and experiences of drinking.

  • Terrors of the Table

    Terrors of the Table
    Walter Gratzer

    Walter Gratzer tells the tale of nutrition's heroes, heroines and charlatans with characteristic crispness and verve.

  • The Medieval Heart

    The Medieval Heart
    Heather Webb

    Drawing from the works of Dante, Catherine of Siena, Boccaccio, Aquinas, and Cavalcanti and other literary, philosophic, and scientific texts, she reveals medieval answers to such fundamental questions as: Where is life located?

  • A History of Public Health

    A History of Public Health
    George Rosen, Pascal James Imperato, Elizabeth Fee

    For seasoned professionals as well as students, A History of Public Health is visionary and essential reading.

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