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  • Henri de Rothschild 1872â 1947

    Henri de Rothschild, 1872–1947
    Harry W. Paul

    This book situates the plays, and particularly the themes of charlatanism, women doctors and medical ethics, in their contemporary context of the social and medical life of Paris.

  • Hunting the 1918 Flu

    Hunting the 1918 Flu
    Kirsty Duncan

    Another theme of the book is the author's growing love for Svalbard and its people.

  • Hysterical Men

    Hysterical Men
    Mark S MICALE

    This book boldly challenges this triumphant vision of the stable and secure male by examining the central role played by modern science and medicine in constructing and sustaining it.

  • Andere anatomische Anekdoten

    Andere anatomische Anekdoten
    Helmut Wicht

    Der Autor ist ein Anatom, dem so mancherlei durch den Kopf geht, und eh' er es vergisst, schreibt er's auf.

  • The Eclipse of the State Mental Hospital

    The Eclipse of the State Mental Hospital
    George W. Dowdall

    Examines the origins, recent history, and future of state hospitals.

  • Trusting Doctors

    Trusting Doctors
    Jonathan B. Imber

    "–Daniel Callahan, cofounder of the Hastings Center "Doctors and people who have no choice but to trust doctors–which means all of us–need to read this book.

  • Love on the Rocks

    Love on the Rocks
    Lori Rotskoff

    A cultural history of drinking and alcoholism from Prohibition to the mid-1960s, focusing on how gender norms and ideologies of marriage shaped Americans' views and experiences of drinking.

  • Die Regierung der Gesundheit

    Die Regierung der Gesundheit
    Irene Poczka

    Irene Poczka betrachtet diese als Regierungsweisen, die schließlich auch die politischen Techniken beeinflussten, mit denen die Gesundheit der Bevölkerungen reguliert werden sollte. Sie stellt fest: Im Europa des 19.

  • Therapeutic Revolutions

    Therapeutic Revolutions
    Martin Halliwell

    Beginning with a discussion of the profound impact of World War II and the Cold War on mental health, Halliwell moves from the influence of work, family, and growing up in the Eisenhower years to the critique of institutional practice and …

  • Medicine Trade and Empire

    Medicine, Trade and Empire
    Professor Palmira Fontes da Costa

    This volume analyses the Colloquies, its history, context and reception, and its value to historians as a symbol of the impact of globalization in a sixteenth-century medical world.

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