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  • A Pest in the Land

    A Pest in the Land
    Suzanne Austin Alchon

    Whereas many late twentieth century scholars blamed the catastrophic decline of postconquest native populations on the introduction of previously unknown infections from the Old World, Alchon argues that the experiences of native peoples in …

  • Hysterical Men

    Hysterical Men
    Mark S MICALE

    This book boldly challenges this triumphant vision of the stable and secure male by examining the central role played by modern science and medicine in constructing and sustaining it.

  • Love on the Rocks

    Love on the Rocks
    Lori Rotskoff

    A cultural history of drinking and alcoholism from Prohibition to the mid-1960s, focusing on how gender norms and ideologies of marriage shaped Americans' views and experiences of drinking.

  • Medicine Trade and Empire

    Medicine, Trade and Empire
    Professor Palmira Fontes da Costa

    This volume analyses the Colloquies, its history, context and reception, and its value to historians as a symbol of the impact of globalization in a sixteenth-century medical world.

  • Terrors of the Table

    Terrors of the Table
    Walter Gratzer

    Walter Gratzer tells the tale of nutrition's heroes, heroines and charlatans with characteristic crispness and verve.

  • A History of Public Health

    A History of Public Health
    George Rosen, Pascal James Imperato, Elizabeth Fee

    For seasoned professionals as well as students, A History of Public Health is visionary and essential reading.

  • One Doctor

    One Doctor
    Brendan Reilly

    Told by a unique voice in American medicine, this epic story recounts life-changing experiences in the career of a distinguished physician, and is described by The New York Times as “a true service [to history].

  • The Life and Death of Smallpox

    The Life and Death of Smallpox
    Ian Glynn, Jenifer Glynn

    Examines the history and devastating impact of smallpox, the first-ever disease to be eradicated, along with the potential implications of the disease for use in future biological warfare.

  • Toxic Exposures

    Toxic Exposures
    Susan L. Smith

    Toxic Exposures tells the shocking story of how the United States and its allies intentionally subjected thousands of their own servicemen to poison gas as part of their preparation for chemical warfare.

  • The Germ of an Idea

    The Germ of an Idea
    Margaret DeLacy

    Germ of an Idea considers British contagionism in its religious, social, political and professional context from the Great Plague of London to the adoption of smallpox inoculation.

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