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  • The Global HIV Epidemics among People Who Inject Drugs

    The Global HIV Epidemics among People Who Inject Drugs
    Arin Dutta, Andrea Wirtz, Anderson Stanciole, Robert Oelrichs, Iris Semini, Farley Cleghorn

    A global economic analysis of HIV infection amongst people who inject drugs, finding that harm reduction interventions are not implemented to the level that their efficacy warrants, and that doing so at scale would be both cost effective …

  • Preventing Injuries in Europe

    Preventing Injuries in Europe
    Dinesh Sethi, Francesco Mitis, Francesca Racioppi

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations created in 1948 with the primary responsibility for international health matters and public health.

  • Second wave Neoliberalism

    Second-wave Neoliberalism
    Christina Ewig

    "Analyzes the politics of neoliberal health sector reform and its effects in Peru. Focuses on the intersecting dynamics of race, class, and gender in the developing world"–Provided by publisher.

  • Patient Safety Law Policy and Practice

    Patient Safety, Law Policy and Practice
    John Tingle, Pippa Bark

    The chapters in this collection explore the patient safety managerial structures that exist in countries where there is a developed patient safety infrastructure and culture.

  • Mad Cows and Mother s Milk

    Mad Cows and Mother’s Milk
    Douglas Powell, William Leiss

    With its detailed analyses of specific risk management controversies, Mad Cows and Mother's Milk will help us avoid future mistakes.

  • International Social Health Care Policy Programs and Studies

    International Social Health Care Policy, Programs, and Studies
    Gary Rosenberg, Andrew Weissman

    Noted experts provide practical, effective strategies to meet global health challenges International Social Health Care Policy, Program, and Studies presents a collection of papers drawn from the Ninth Doris Siegel Memorial Fund Colloquium …

  • Improving quality and safety

    Improving quality and safety
    Great Britain: National Audit Office

    Key features of those PCTs that can demonstrate consistent improvements in quality include effective clinical leadership, maintaining the capacity to deliver services, ensuring the quality of the patient experience and improving services …

  • Safety Evaluation of Certain Food Additives

    Safety Evaluation of Certain Food Additives
    World Health Organization

    The toxicological monograph's in this volume summarize the safety data on a number of food additives: Beeswax Candelilla wax Quillaia extract Type 1 and 2 Phospholipase from fusarium venenatum expressed in Aspergillus oryzae Calcium L-5 …

  • The Impact of AIDS Page 81

    The Impact of AIDS, Page 81
    United Nations. Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs. Population Division

    In part one, the following areas are identified and examined: a look at the data, sources and methods in compiling this report; an examination of the general demographic impact of AIDS; a more focused study of this impact on households, …

  • Advancing Social Work Practice in the Health Care Field

    Advancing Social Work Practice in the Health Care Field
    Gary Rosenberg, Helen Rehr

    Each article is new and original to this book, and each contributor is a distinguished representative from his specialty in the field.

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