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  • Performance Improvement Through Information Management Health Page 434

    Performance Improvement Through Information Management: Health …, Page 434
    Marion Ball, Judith V. Douglas

    Highlighting performance improvement and business strategies throughout various health care settings, this work focuses on business drivers and management mechanisms, explaining when, how, and why information technology solutions are of …

  • Guide to the Preparation Use and Quality Assurance of Blood Components

    Guide to the Preparation, Use and Quality Assurance of Blood Components

    This is the 12 edition of this compendium of measures designed to ensure safety, efficacy and quality of blood components, and this guide forms the basis for many national guidelines in Europe and around the world.

  • Brain Policy

    Brain Policy
    Robert H. Blank

    This book will be of interest to social scientists, policy analysts, policy makers, bioethicists, scientists who want to see the bigger picture, and the informed reader with an interest in the implications of neuroscience for themselves and …

  • Governance of Teaching Hospitals

    Governance of Teaching Hospitals
    John A. Kastor

    In this book, John A. Kastor, M.D., focuses on the academic medical centers of the University of Pennsylvania and the Johns Hopkins University, two institutions that underwent dramatic change in governance during the late 1990s.

  • Scientific and Policy Considerations in Developing Smallpox Vaccination Options

    Scientific and Policy Considerations in Developing Smallpox Vaccination Options
    Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

  • Pacific Partnerships for Health

    Pacific Partnerships for Health
    Committee on Health Care Services in the U.S.-Associated Pacific Basin, Institute of Medicine

    This book examines one aspect of the ties and U.S. involvement with this part of the world–its role in the region's health care delivery system.

  • Health Care at Risk

    Health Care at Risk
    Timothy Jost

    ' Timothy Stoltzfus Jost shows why leaving health care decisions to a free market cannot work, even in the United States, while also emphasizing the importance of consumer choice in future policy decisions.

  • Differential Diagnoses

    Differential Diagnoses
    Paul V. Dutton

    In Differential Diagnoses, Dutton debunks a common misconception among Americans that European health care systems are essentially similar to each other and vastly different from U.S. health care.

  • Bending the Cost Curve in Health Care

    Bending the Cost Curve in Health Care
    Gregory P. Marchildon, Livio Di Matteo

    This book is the first volume in The Johnson-Shoyama Series on Public Policy, published by the University of Toronto Press in association with the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, an interdisciplinary centre for research, …

  • Power Politics and Universal Health Care

    Power, Politics, and Universal Health Care
    Stuart Altman

    Blending political intrigue, policy substance, and good old-fashioned storytelling, this is the first book to place the Obama health plan within a historical perspective.

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