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  • Forensic Emergency Medicine

    Forensic Emergency Medicine
    Jonathan S. Olshaker, M. Christine Jackson, William S. Smock

    A full-color photo insert illustrates injury patterns and key evidence. This edition provides increased coverage of motor vehicle accidents, DNA evidence, and new drugs of abuse.

  • A Wilderness of Marshes

    A Wilderness of Marshes
    Kerrie L. Macpherson

    A Wilderness of Marshes traces Shanghai's medical infrastructure from its conception to the implementation of a Western-style public health system and a municipal government to manage it.

  • Advanced Topics in Forensic DNA Typing Methodology

    Advanced Topics in Forensic DNA Typing: Methodology
    John M. Butler

    This book provides the most detailed information written to-date on DNA databases, low-level DNA, validation, and numerous other topics including a new chapter on legal aspects of DNA testing to prepare scientists for expert witness …

  • Medicina legal en patolog√ a mamaria

    Medicina legal en patología mamaria
    Santiago Delgado Bueno, Armando Tejerina, Armando Tejerina Gómez

    Cada uno de los cap√≠tulos que componen esta Medicina Legal en Patolog√≠a Mamaria estudia de forma detallada los temas de que se ocupa haciendo un abordaje multidisciplinar, para lo que conjuga m√©dicos y juristas, todos ellos de reconocido …

  • Euthanasia

    A. Carmi

    The Medicolegal Library will issue two books each year. The first four books, soon to be published, will deal with child abuse, euthanasia, disability, and nursing, laws and ethics.

  • Responsabilit√ medica nelle infezioni ospedaliere Profili giuridici e medico legali

    Responsabilità medica nelle infezioni ospedaliere. Profili giuridici e medico-legali
    Fabio M. Donelli

  • Firesetting and Mental Health

    Firesetting and Mental Health
    Geoffrey L. Dickens

    This book provides a comprehensive look at the issue of firesetting by people with mental disorder.

  • Essential Forensic Neuropathology

    Essential Forensic Neuropathology
    Juan C. Troncoso, Ana Rubio, David R. Fowler

    This book is written for pathologists and trainees in forensic pathology and neuropathology who will have to conduct forensic neuropathology autopsies.

  • Death Scenes

    Death Scenes
    Sean Tejaratchi, Dunn Katherine

    A detectives strange and gruesome scrapbook of photos.

  • Criminal Profiling

    Criminal Profiling
    Richard N. Kocsis

    In this book, renowned profiler Dr. Richard Kocsis presents a distinct approach to profiling called Crime Action Profiling or CAP.

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