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  • Transhumanism and Transcendence

    Transhumanism and Transcendence
    Ronald Cole-Turner

    In this volume, Ronald Cole-Turner has joined seasoned scholars and younger, emerging voices together to bring fresh insight into the technologies that are already reshaping the future of Christian life and hope.

  • Frankenstein

    Susan E. Lederer

    Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature accompanies a traveling exhibit of the same name. This lavishly illustrated volume begins by highlighting Shelley's novel and the context in which she conceived it.

  • Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses

    Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses
    Marsha Diane Mary Fowler

    This book explains the specific implications of the ANA Code of Ethics.

  • Medical Ethics A Very Short Introduction

    Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction
    Tony Hope

    ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly.

  • Case Studies in Biomedical Research Ethics

    Case Studies in Biomedical Research Ethics
    Timothy F. Murphy

    An overview of the key debates in biomedical researchethics, presented through a wide-ranging selection of casestudies.

  • Aging Caring for Our Elders

    Aging: Caring for Our Elders
    David N. Weisstub, David C. Thomasma, S. Gauthier, G.F. Tomossy

    When the body or mind begins to fail, a legitimate need for intervention and care will arise. This second volume on Aging discusses this theme.

  • Bioethics

    Nancy Ann Silbergeld Jecker, Albert R. Jonsen, Robert A. Pearlman

    The text is broken into three informative sections: the first addresses the history or bioethics, explaining its emergences as discipline and discourse; the second looks carefully at ethical reasoning and the justification of moral beliefs; …

  • From Chance to Choice

    From Chance to Choice
    Allen Buchanan, Dan W. Brock, Norman Daniels, Daniel Wikler

    This book, written by four internationally renowned bioethicists and first published in 2000, was the first systematic treatment of the fundamental ethical issues underlying the application of genetic technologies to human beings.

  • What Animals Want

    What Animals Want
    Larry Carbone

    Larry Carbone provides a balanced and reasonable advocacy of animal rights, looking at how to ethically and responsibly conduct biomedical and behavioural research that respects the rights and welfare of all subjects including animals.

  • Deciding who Lives

    Deciding who Lives
    Renee R. Anspach

    In a probing look at the reality of everyday choices in neonatal intensive care units, sociologist Renee Anspach explores the life-and-death dilemmas that have fueled much national debate.

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