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  • Oceano fertilitĂ

    Oceano fertilitĂ 
    Girolamo Agnello

    Cosa si prova a non poter avere un figlio?

  • Genes And Future People

    Genes And Future People
    Walter Glannon

    The book is a sustained philosophical reflection on some of the metaphysical and moral issues presented by genetics and different forms of genetic intervention.

  • Surgical Ethics

    Surgical Ethics
    Laurence B. McCullough, James W. Jones, Baruch A. Brody

    The first textbook on the subject, this is a practical, clinically comprehensive guide to ethical issues in surgical practice, research, and education written by some of the most prominent figures in the fields of surgery and bioethics.

  • Belmont Revisited

    Belmont Revisited
    James F. Childress, Eric M. Meslin, Harold T. Shapiro

    Belmont Revisited looks back to reexamine the creation and influence of the Belmont Report, and also looks forward to the future of research — with a strong call to rethink how institutions and investigators can conduct research more …

  • Speaking Honestly with Sick and Dying Children and Adolescents

    Speaking Honestly with Sick and Dying Children and Adolescents
    Dietrich Niethammer

    Niethammer's compelling personal experiences combined with the latest research make this a compassionate and invaluable resource for physicians, nurses, social workers, teachers, parents—for all who care for sick and dying children and …

  • Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver

    Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver
    Yuval Levin, Thomas W. Merrill, Adam Schulman

    In this volume, fifteen of Kass's admirers, including students, colleagues, and friends, honor his work by reflecting on the broad range of subjects to which he has devoted his life's work.

  • Public Health Ethics

    Public Health Ethics
    Stephen Holland

    It is an ideal textbook for students taking courses in public health ethics. And since this book develops systematic discussions of issues in public health ethics, there is also much here to engage and challenge the more advanced reader.

  • Brain Policy

    Brain Policy
    Robert H. Blank

    This book will be of interest to social scientists, policy analysts, policy makers, bioethicists, scientists who want to see the bigger picture, and the informed reader with an interest in the implications of neuroscience for themselves and …

  • What Animals Want

    What Animals Want
    Larry Carbone

    Larry Carbone provides a balanced and reasonable advocacy of animal rights, looking at how to ethically and responsibly conduct biomedical and behavioural research that respects the rights and welfare of all subjects including animals.

  • Complex Ethics Consultations

    Complex Ethics Consultations
    Paul J. Ford, Denise M. Dudzinski

    This book fills the considerable gap between current texts and the continuing educational needs of those actually facing complex ethics consultations in hospital settings. 28 richly detailed cases explore the ethical reasoning, professional …

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