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  • Advanced Imaging of the Abdomen

    Advanced Imaging of the Abdomen
    Jovitas Skucas

    Usage of this practical book together with a radiologist's consultation allows these clinicians to arrive at an effective imaging approach.

  • Single Sided NMR

    Single-Sided NMR
    Federico Casanova, Juan Perlo, Bernhard Blümich

    This book describes the design of the first functioning single-sided tomograph, the related measurement methods, and a number of applications in medicine, materials science, and chemical engineering.

  • Equipment for Diagnostic Radiography

    Equipment for Diagnostic Radiography
    E. Forster

    Presents a clear explanation of simple equipment of the equipment and of the principles underlying its operation which will help students to make an efficient selection and subsequent use of apparatus.

  • CARS 2002 Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

    CARS 2002 Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
    Heinz U. Lemke, M. W. Vannier, K. Inamura

    Physicians are now employing PACS and telemedicine systems as enabling infrastructures to improve quality of and access to healthcare. Tools based on CAD and CAS facilitate completely new paths in patient care.

  • Practice of Ultrasound A Step by Step Guide to Abdominal Scanning

    Practice of Ultrasound: A Step-by-Step Guide to Abdominal Scanning
    Berthold Block

    After studying this book, you will be able to: – Immediately recognize all important ultrasound phenomena, in particular, misleading artifacts – Confidently identify and delineate all upper abdominal organs, – Locate and evaluate difficult …

  • Advances in Radiation Protection

    Advances in Radiation Protection
    M. Oberhofer, Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia Industrial

    Based on the Lectures given during the Ispra-Course held at the Centro de Formação Técnica, Lisbon, Portugal, October 23-27, 1989, in collaboration with the Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia

  • Applied Radiological Anatomy

    Applied Radiological Anatomy
    Paul Butler, Adam Mitchell, Jeremiah C. Healy

    Features of the second edition: • Completely new radiographic images throughout, giving the best possible anatomic examples currently available • Both normal anatomy and normal variants shown • Numerous colour line illustrations of …

  • Head and Neck Cancer Imaging

    Head and Neck Cancer Imaging
    Robert Hermans

    This book provides an overview of the findings obtained using different imaging techniques during the evaluation of head and neck neoplasms, both before and after therapy.

  • Clinically Oriented Pulmonary Imaging

    Clinically Oriented Pulmonary Imaging
    Jeffrey P. Kanne

    High quality examples of typical imaging findings of specific conditions supplement the text. Target readers include practicing internists, pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, and primary care practitioners.

  • Digital Imaging Systems for Plain Radiography

    Digital Imaging Systems for Plain Radiography
    Luis Lanca, Augusto Silva

    The book is a valuable resource for both students learning the field and for imaging professionals to apply to their own practice while performing radiological examinations with digital systems

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