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  • The Good Back Guide

    The Good Back Guide
    Barrie Savory

    Full of advice on diet, exercise, posture and relaxation, this guide is also packed with exercises that can be performed safely and easily at home to treat strains and injuries.

  • Le rachis traumatique

    Le rachis traumatique
    Patricia Ribinik, Marc Genty

    D'emblA(c)e, se pose le problA]me du choix de l'orientation du patient: doit-on le diriger vers le service d'urgences le plus proche ou vers une structure spA(c)cialisA(c)e? Que permet l'offre de soins en France en 2001?

  • Die Obere HalswirbelsĂ ule

    Die Obere Halswirbelsäule
    M H]lse, Winfried Neuhuber, Hanns-Dieter Wolff

    Ein Drittel aller Beschwerden im HNO-Bereich sind Zeichen einer funktionellen Stvrung der Halswirbelsdule.

  • Encyclopedic Reference of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Encyclopedic Reference of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Chen Anmin, Ma Yingfu, Gao Yuan, Gao Zhemin

    Also included are color images of the most important herbs and medicinal plants. This is an indispensable guide not only for medical practitioners interested in TCM but also for pharmacists and interested laypersons.

  • Whiplash Injuries

    Whiplash Injuries
    Stephen M. Foreman, Arthur C. Croft

    Written by two leading chiropractic authorities, this Third Edition helps the reader understand, assess, diagnose, and treat whiplash injuries (cervical acceleration/deceleration syndrome).

  • Sin dolor

    Sin dolor.
    Pete Egoscue, Roger Gittines

  • The Chiropractic Theories

    The Chiropractic Theories
    Robert A. Leach

    Designed to be a primary reference for chiropractic students, this is a concise, scientific survey of chiropractic theories based on current research.

  • Clinical Acupuncture

    Clinical Acupuncture
    Gabriel Stux, Richard Hammerschlag

    This book provides readers with the up-to-date information on the clinical bases of acupuncture. There is a large increase in interest in acupuncture by health care consumers.

  • Clinical Imaging

    Clinical Imaging
    Dennis Marchiori

    "In terms of value for money, the recommended price is very fair for 1,462 pages, especially when one includes the additional online content (available using a scratch card code) that includes case studies, flash cards, interactive …

  • A Guide to Starting your own Complementary Therapy Practice

    A Guide to Starting your own Complementary Therapy Practice
    Elaine Mary Aldred

    Gives clear advice on legal and financial requirements, the production of a marketing strategy and the presentation of the precise financial calculations required for a business plan, with worked examples Includes detailed information on …

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