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  • Children With Cerebral Palsy

    Children With Cerebral Palsy
    Archie Hinchcliffe

    This book is a practical guide designed to help therapists and community workers understand and effectively treat children with cerebral palsy.

  • Who Is Taking Care of My Mother

    Who Is Taking Care of My Mother
    Carrie Caine

    Most of the problems came from the lack of attention that was given to caregivers in the area of education and traing.This book share some information about finding a caregiver or a care facility.In this book you will also find a basic …

  • Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care

    Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care
    John Appleby, Nancy Devlin, David Parkin

    What opportunities do these data present?

  • TĂ came sin guantes

    TĂłcame sin guantes
    Minerva Aponte-Jolly

    Recognizing these trials, this book also explores the enormous amount of support and affection that patients need to make the most of their final days.

  • Nursing Assistant Care

    Nursing Assistant Care
    Susan Alvare, Diana Dugan, Jetta Fuzy

    Over 6,000 instructors shared their ideas for the perfect nursing assistant textbook. Nursing Assistant Care is exactly what you asked for: a full-color, up-to-date, affordable book that meets and exceeds federal and state requirements.

  • Healthcare Community Synergism between Patients Practitioners and Researchers

    Healthcare Community Synergism between Patients, Practitioners, and Researchers
    Bryan, Valerie C., Bird, Jennifer Lynne

    Highlighting research methodologies aimed to enrich the quality of available information in healthcare environments, this book is ideally designed for medical professionals, educators, and researchers.

  • Advances in Terminal Care Research and Application 2011 Edition

    Advances in Terminal Care Research and Application: 2011 Edition

    Advances in Terminal Care Research and Application: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyBrief™ that delivers timely, authoritative, comprehensive, and specialized information about Terminal Care in a concise format.

  • Primary Health Care in Cuba

    Primary Health Care in Cuba
    Linda M. Whiteford, Laurence G. Branch

    It has eradicated malaria and polio, and curtailed HIV/AIDS and dengue fever. This book focuses on the successes of Cuba's preventive primary health care system, rather than the deficit of the curative care system.

  • So Far Away

    So Far Away
    Christine W. Hartmann

    A tale of two very different end-of-life journeys and the daughter who survived them

  • Providing Compassionate Healthcare

    Providing Compassionate Healthcare
    Sue Shea, Robin Wynyard, Christos Lionis

    Developing a multi-disciplinary theory of compassionate care, and underpinned by empirical examples of good practice, this volume is a valuable resource for all those interesting in understanding and supporting compassion in health care, …

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