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  • You Mean Besides the Cancer

    You Mean, Besides the Cancer?
    Bob Marcotte

    This book is the story of my wife's cancer and our journey through the medical system that eventually led us to one of the most cutting edge, lifesaving surgeries on earth.

  • Communication for the Cognizant Nonverbal Patient

    Communication for the Cognizant, Nonverbal Patient
    Jean Alleman, Susan Robison, Trudy Brown

    Communication is about to become easier. With the help of this book, patients will finally be able to express their needs without speaking. Simple sentences such as 'I am thirsty.

  • Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care

    Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care
    John Appleby, Nancy Devlin, David Parkin

    What opportunities do these data present?

  • T√ came sin guantes

    Tócame sin guantes
    Minerva Aponte-Jolly

    Recognizing these trials, this book also explores the enormous amount of support and affection that patients need to make the most of their final days.

  • Nursing Assistant Care

    Nursing Assistant Care
    Susan Alvare, Diana Dugan, Jetta Fuzy

    Over 6,000 instructors shared their ideas for the perfect nursing assistant textbook. Nursing Assistant Care is exactly what you asked for: a full-color, up-to-date, affordable book that meets and exceeds federal and state requirements.

  • Coriolanus

    Robert Ormsby

    This volume will be of interest to a wide range of readers, including specialists, graduate students and undergraduates studying both Coriolanus and the history of Shakespearean performance.

  • Stella s Story

    Stella’s Story
    Kay Loveland

    In addition, the book offers a positive message about love, devotion, and fighting for life that, I hope, will inspire others as they confront negativity on a daily basis in their struggle to prevail against all the odds.

  • Healthcare Community Synergism between Patients Practitioners and Researchers

    Healthcare Community Synergism between Patients, Practitioners, and Researchers
    Bryan, Valerie C., Bird, Jennifer Lynne

    Highlighting research methodologies aimed to enrich the quality of available information in healthcare environments, this book is ideally designed for medical professionals, educators, and researchers.

  • Hospice Voices

    Hospice Voices
    Eric Lindner

    As a part-time hospice volunteer, Eric Lindner provides ‚Äúcompanion care‚ÄĚ to dying strangers.

  • Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias

    Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias
    Marc E. Agronin

    This edition features a new chapter on mild cognitive impairment and expanded coverage of Alzheimer disease and risk factors. Chapters offer advice on caregiver support and legal and ethical concerns.

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