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  • Fat Talk Nation

    Fat-Talk Nation
    Susan Greenhalgh

    In Fat-Talk Nation, Susan Greenhalgh tells the story of today’s fight against excess pounds by giving young people, the campaign’s main target, an opportunity to speak about experiences that have long lain hidden in silence and shame.

  • Weight Management Adults FAQs

    Weight Management Adults FAQs
    Christopher D. Still

    The book provides a thorough introduction to various treatments for obesity, including weight management programs, medical, and surgical options, as well as helpful information on lifestyle changes that can prevent obesity.

  • Models of Obesity

    Models of Obesity
    Stanley J. Ulijaszek

    Rationalities and models of obesity — Energy balance, genetics and obesogenic environments — Governance through measurement — Inequalities — Food and eating — Global transformations of diet — Obesity science and policy — Complexity – …

  • Cut Down to Size

    Cut Down to Size
    Jenny Radcliffe

    This book offers insight into the realities of living with weight loss surgery, and practical exercises help you think through your emotional readiness, social circumstances and eating habits that could determine the success of surgery.

  • Childhood Obesity in America

    Childhood Obesity in America
    Laura Dawes

    Laura Dawes traces changes in diagnosis, treatment, and popular conceptions of the most serious health problem facing American children today, and makes the case that understanding the cultural history of a disease is critical to developing …

  • The Ghrelin System

    The Ghrelin System
    A. Benso, F.F. Casanueva, E. Ghigo, R. Granata

    The ghrelin story started more than 30 years ago with the discovery of synthetic GH secretagogues. Only in 1999 was ghrelin‚ a natural GH-releasing peptide, discovered. Ghrelin, however, is much more than simply a natural GH secretagogue.


    Marcos Giansante

    Neste livro destinado a obesos e a seus amigos e familiares, o cirurgião Marcos Giansante expõe sua vasta experiência no tratamento da obesidade.

  • Metabolic Syndrome consequent to Endocrine Disorders

    Metabolic Syndrome consequent to Endocrine Disorders
    V. Popovic, M. Korbonits

    Hormonal dysfunction can have a major and often complex impact on all key components of the metabolic syndrome. This book comprises state-of-the-art reviews on the subject written by recognized experts in the field of endocrinology.

  • What s Wrong with Fat

    What’s Wrong with Fat?
    Abigail Saguy

    Finally, What's Wrong with Fat? reveals the collateral damage – including the intensification of negative body image and justification of weight-baseddiscrimination – of the war on fat.

  • Preventing Chronic Diseases

    Preventing Chronic Diseases
    World Health Organization

    The major causes of premature adult deaths in all regions of the world, due to chronic diseases such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer, have been generally neglected on the international health and development agenda.

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