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  • Microtia and Atresia

    Microtia and Atresia
    K. Kaga, H. Asato

    This book presents the latest findings on reconstructive surgery performed jointly by plastic surgeons and otologists.

  • Neurop diatrie f r Sprachtherapeuten

    Neuropädiatrie für Sprachtherapeuten
    Thomas Lücke, Sylvia Costard, Sabine Illsinger

    Alles, was Sie als Sprachtherapeut über Neuropädiatrie wissern müssen – Neuropädiatrie für Sprachtherapeuten vermittelt es Ihnen!

  • Breakdown of Speech

    Breakdown of Speech
    Nancy R. Milloy

    Be a craftsman in speech, so that thou mayest be strong, for the tongue is a sword, and speech is more valoraus than any fighting.

  • Living with Hearing Difficulties

    Living with Hearing Difficulties
    Dafydd Stephens

    The book also has a companion website which hosts additional downloadable documents as well as a demonstration of the concept of the signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Clinical Voice Pathology

    Clinical Voice Pathology
    Joseph C. Stemple, Nelson Roy, Bernice K. Klaben

  • Playing with K

    Playing with … K
    Lucy Sanctuary

    The book is divided into seven main sections: mouth exercises (oro-motor exercises); single sounds (k); short words – consonant + vowel, eg, car, key, cow; longer words that begin with the speech sound k – consonant + vowel + consonant, eg, …

  •        ت              ت

    أنا مثلك تمامًا: لؤي يعاني متلازمة داون
    Jillian Powell

    تصف سلسلة «أنا مثلك» يوماً في حياة أطفال مصابين بإعاقات مختلفة، وكيف تمكنوا هم وأهلهم من التعايش مع المواقف الحياتية اليومية. يعرض …

  • Teaching Children with Autism

    Teaching Children with Autism
    Kathleen Ann Quill

    This book describes teaching strategies and instructional adaptations which promote communication and socialization in children with autism.

  • The Path to Comprehension

    The Path to Comprehension
    Anastasio Boutsis

    The intent of my manual is to empower therapists to allow children to begin to create an academic identity as a means to allow them to communicate their inner selves to the outside world.

  • Translational Perspectives in Auditory Neuroscience

    Translational Perspectives in Auditory Neuroscience
    Kelly L. Tremblay, Robert F. Burkard

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