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  • Principles of Clinical Phonology

    Principles of Clinical Phonology
    Martin J. Ball

    The latter is what is needed in clinical phonology. In this text, Martin J. Ball addresses these issues in an investigation of what principles should underlie a clinical phonology.

  • Instrumentation

    T. Newell Decker, Thomas D. Carrell

    Students who complete this book will have a basic understanding of the major pieces of instrumentation in the hearing and speech clinic/laboratory.

  • Methods in Clinical Phonetics

    Methods in Clinical Phonetics
    Martin J. Ball, Orla Lowry

    This book is written for the beginning student of communication disorders with a basic understanding of phonetics, or the practising speech-language therapist whose phonetic training may need updating.

  • Spelling

    Rebecca Treiman

    The chapters in this volume focus on one important aspect of writing: spelling. There has been much less research on spelling and writing than on reading, and these papers represent an attempt to restore the balance.

  • Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

    Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
    David Suisman, Susan Strasser

    Scholars investigate sound as part of the social construction of historical experience and as an element of the sensory relationship people have to the world, showing how hearing and listening can inform people's feelings, ideas, decisions, …

  • Assessing Grammar

    Assessing Grammar
    Martin J. Ball, David Crystal

    This collection brings together versions of the Language Assessment Remediation and Screening Procedure (LARSP) in thirteen different languages from around the world.

  • Microtia and Atresia

    Microtia and Atresia
    K. Kaga, H. Asato

    This book presents the latest findings on reconstructive surgery performed jointly by plastic surgeons and otologists.

  • Breakdown of Speech

    Breakdown of Speech
    Nancy R. Milloy

    Be a craftsman in speech, so that thou mayest be strong, for the tongue is a sword, and speech is more valoraus than any fighting.

  • Living with Hearing Difficulties

    Living with Hearing Difficulties
    Dafydd Stephens

    The book also has a companion website which hosts additional downloadable documents as well as a demonstration of the concept of the signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Clinical Voice Pathology

    Clinical Voice Pathology
    Joseph C. Stemple, Nelson Roy, Bernice K. Klaben

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