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  • Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guide

    Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guide
    Christine C. Lim

    Designed for ease of use in the clinical setting –Book Jacket.

  • Atlas of Temporomandibular Joint Surgery

    Atlas of Temporomandibular Joint Surgery
    Eric J. Granquist

    Preceded by Color atlas of temporomandibular joint surgery / Peter D. Quinn. c1998.

  • Netterâ s Correlative Imaging Cardiothoracic Anatomy E Book

    Netter’s Correlative Imaging: Cardiothoracic Anatomy E-Book
    Michael Gotway

    Dr. Michael Gotway presents Netter’s beautiful and instructive paintings and illustrated cross sections created in the Netter style side-by-side with high-quality patient images from breath-hold cardiac MR, multislice thoracic CT, and CT …

  • Healthy Cities

    Healthy Cities
    Chinmoy Sarkar, Chris Webster, John Gallacher

    In this book, the authors conceptualize the •urban health nicheê as a novel approach to

  • Patientencoaching Gesundheitscoaching Case Management

    Patientencoaching, Gesundheitscoaching, Case Management
    Ralph Lägel, Klaus Meyer-Lutterloh, Elmar Schmid, Rainer Seiler, John N. Weatherly

    Die Patienten werden mehr und mehr die Wähler, die Entscheider, die Informationsbedürftigen und die Verbraucher.

  • Atlas of Anatomy

    Atlas of Anatomy
    Anne M. Gilroy, Brian R. MacPherson, Michael Schuenke

    That's about all there is to it. Just buy it. Thank you Thieme!" …this book surpasses them all. It's the artwork. The artist has found the perfect balance of detail and clarity. Some of these illustrations have to be seen to be believed.

  • An Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation

    An Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation
    D. J. Dewhurst

    The text will be invaluable to medical electronics students who need a reference material to help them learn how to use competently and confidently the equipment that are important in their field.

  • Atlas of Endoscopic Laryngeal Surgery

    Atlas of Endoscopic Laryngeal Surgery
    Sataloff Robert T, Chowdhury Farhad, Joglekar Shruti, Hawkshaw Mary J

    It includes not only a general overview of various aspects of voice surgery but also previously unpublished intraoperative photographs. These are accompanied by detailed descriptions of surgical technique, including “pearls”.

  • The Case Control Study Consensus and Controversy

    The Case-Control Study Consensus and Controversy
    Michel A. Ibrahim

    This text first discusses the progress and evolution of case-control studies. This book then explains methodologic problems and standards in case-control research, which is followed by a discussion on bias in analytic research.

  • Atlas de anatomĂ a humana

    Atlas de anatomĂ­a humana
    Johannes Sobotta, Reinhard Putz, R. Pabst, Renate Putz

    – AnatomĂ­a macroscĂłpica. El Atlas de AnatomĂ­a de Sobotta presenta toda la anatomĂ­a macroscĂłpica en dos volĂşmenes, con casi 2000 imágenes . En esta 22® ediciĂłn se han incluĂ­do más de 200 láminas nuevas.- Fácil de consultar.

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