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  • Set Theory Arithmetic and Foundations of Mathematics

    Set Theory, Arithmetic, and Foundations of Mathematics
    Juliette Kennedy, Roman Kossak

    This collection of papers from various areas of mathematical logic showcases the remarkable breadth and richness of the field.

  • Basic Language of Mathematics

    Basic Language of Mathematics
    Juan Jorge Schäffer

    This book originates as an essential underlying component of a modern, imaginative three-semester honors program (six undergraduate courses) in Mathematical Studies.

  • Polynomial Completeness in Algebraic Systems

    Polynomial Completeness in Algebraic Systems
    Kalle Kaarli, Alden F. Pixley

    Thus Polynomial Completeness in Algebraic Systems constitutes an accessible, coherent presentation of this rich topic valuable to both researchers and graduate students in general algebraic systems.

  • Proper and Improper Forcing

    Proper and Improper Forcing
    Saharon Shelah

    This book presents the theory of proper forcing and its relatives from the beginning. No prior knowledge of forcing is required.

  • Introduction to Fuzzy Systems

    Introduction to Fuzzy Systems
    Guanrong Chen, Trung Tat Pham

    The book also offers a tutorial on fuzzy control theory, based mainly on the well-known classical Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers theory and design methods.

  • Briefings on Existence

    Briefings on Existence
    Alain Badiou

    Explores the link between mathematics and ontology.

  • Combinatorics

    Béla Bollobás

    The gems of the theory are emphasized: beautiful results with elegant proofs. The book developed from a course at Louisiana State University and combines a careful presentation with the informal style of those lectures.

  • Numbers Sets and Axioms

    Numbers, Sets and Axioms
    A. G. Hamilton

    The role of axiom systems is part of the discussion but their limitations are pointed out. Formal set theory has its place in the book but Dr Hamilton recognises that this is a part of mathematics and not the basis on which it rests.

  • Set Theoretical Logic The Algebra of Models

    Set Theoretical Logic-The Algebra of Models
    W Felscher

    This is an introduction to mathematical logic in which all the usual topics are presented: compactness and axiomatizability of semantical consequence, Löwenheim-Skolem-Tarski theorems, prenex and other normal forms, and characterizations …

  • Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis

    Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis
    Paul J. Cohen, Martin Davis

    This unique text and reference is suitable for students and professionals. 1966 edition. Copyright renewed 1994.

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