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  • Set Theoretical Logic The Algebra of Models

    Set Theoretical Logic-The Algebra of Models
    W Felscher

    This is an introduction to mathematical logic in which all the usual topics are presented: compactness and axiomatizability of semantical consequence, Löwenheim-Skolem-Tarski theorems, prenex and other normal forms, and characterizations …

  • Introduction to the Numerical Modeling of Groundwater and Geothermal Systems

    Introduction to the Numerical Modeling of Groundwater and Geothermal Systems
    Jochen Bundschuh, Mario César Suárez A.

    The book also presents the form in which specific useful models can be generated and solved. The text is introductory in the sense that it explains basic themes of the systems mentioned in three areas: engineering, physics and mathematics.

  • Lectures on Infinite dimensional Lie Algebra

    Lectures on Infinite-dimensional Lie Algebra
    Minoru Wakimoto

    There are three excellent books on it, written by Victor G Kac. This book begins with a survey and review of the material treated in Kac's books. In particular, modular invariance and conformal invariance and are explained in more detail.

  • Higher Recursion Theory

    Higher Recursion Theory
    Gerald E. Sacks

    The book is divided into four parts: hyperarithmetic sets, metarecursion, α-recursion, and E-recursion. This text is essential reading for all researchers in the field.

  • The Structure of K CS transitive Cycle free Partial Orders Issue 614

    The Structure of K-CS-transitive Cycle-free Partial Orders, Issue 614
    Richard Warren

    In this work, the class of cycle-free partial orders (CFPOs) is defined, and the CFPOs fulfilling a natural transitivity assumption, called $k$-connected set transitivity ($k$-$CS$-transitivity), are analyzed in some detail.

  • Abstract Sets and Finite Ordinals

    Abstract Sets and Finite Ordinals
    G. B. Keene

    This text unites the logical and philosophical aspects of set theory in a manner intelligible both to mathematicians without training in formal logic and to logicians without a mathematical background.

  • Selectors

    John E. Jayne, C. Ambrose Rogers

    This book is the first to assemble the scattered literature into a coherent and elegant presentation of what is known and proven about selectors–and what remains to be found.

  • Loeb Measures in Practice Recent Advances

    Loeb Measures in Practice: Recent Advances
    Nigel Cutland

    This expanded version of the 1997 European Mathematical Society Lectures given by the author in Helsinki, begins with a self-contained introduction to nonstandard analysis (NSA) and the construction of Loeb Measures, which are rich measures …

  • Recursion Theoretic Hierarchies

    Recursion-Theoretic Hierarchies
    Peter G. Hinman

    Both are concerned with notions of definability and with the classification of mathematical objects according to their complexity. These are the common themes which run through the topics discussed here.

  • Fine Structure and Iteration Trees

    Fine Structure and Iteration Trees
    William J. Mitchell, John R. Steel

    This work is what results when fine structure meets iteration trees.

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