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  • Spatio temporal Design

    Spatio-temporal Design
    Jorge Mateu, Werner G. Müller

    Motivated by the high demand for statistical analysis of data that takes spatial and spatio-temporal information into account, this book incorporates ideas from the areas of time series, spatial statistics and stochastic processes, and …

  • Asymptotic Theory of Testing Statistical Hypotheses

    Asymptotic Theory of Testing Statistical Hypotheses
    Vladimir E. Bening

  • Simula Research Laboratory

    Simula Research Laboratory
    Aslak Tveito, Are Magnus Bruaset, Olav Lysne

    This fascinating book tells the history of Simula, detailing the culture and values that have been the guiding principles of the laboratory throughout its existence.

  • Complexity Knots Colourings and Countings

    Complexity: Knots, Colourings and Countings
    Dominic Welsh

    These notes are based on a series of lectures given at the Advanced Research Institute of Discrete Applied Mathematics, Rutgers University.

  • Bayesian Methods and Ethics in a Clinical Trial Design

    Bayesian Methods and Ethics in a Clinical Trial Design
    Joseph B. Kadane

    Bayesian Methods and Ethics in a Clinical Trial Design Answers commonly raised questions about Bayesian methods Describes the advantages and disadvantages of this method compared with other methods Applies current ethical theory to a …

  • Stochastic Linear Programming

    Stochastic Linear Programming
    Peter Kall, János Mayer

    In this book models in financial optimization and risk analysis are discussed as examples, including solution methods and their implementation. Stochastic programming is a fast developing area of optimization and mathematical programming.

  • Inequality Polarization and Poverty

    Inequality, Polarization and Poverty
    Satya R. Chakravarty

    This book provides a synthesis of some recent issues and an up-to-date treatment of some of the major important issues in distributional analysis that I have covered in my previous book Ethical Social Index Numbers, which was widely …

  • Structural Equation Modeling

    Structural Equation Modeling
    Gregory R. Hancock, Ralph O. Mueller

    Covering a range of advanced topics on structural equation modeling (SEM), this book focuses on the explanation and application of the topics, as well as containing syntax and partial output files from popular SEM software packages.

  • Gian Carlo Rota on Analysis and Probability

    Gian-Carlo Rota on Analysis and Probability
    Jean Dhombres

    In 1956, he completed his doctoral thesis under the direction of Jacob T. Schwartz. This thesis was published as the pa per "Extension theory of differential operators I", the first paper reprinted in this volume.

  • Likelihood Bayesian and MCMC Methods in Quantitative Genetics

    Likelihood, Bayesian, and MCMC Methods in Quantitative Genetics
    Daniel Sorensen, Daniel Gianola

    This book, suitable for numerate biologists and for applied statisticians, provides the foundations of likelihood, Bayesian and MCMC methods in the context of genetic analysis of quantitative traits.

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