Books in category Mathematics – Number Systems

  • Numerical Methods and Applications

    Numerical Methods and Applications
    Ivan Dimov, Stefka Dimova, Natalia Kolkovska

    This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Numerical Methods and Applications, NMA 2010, held in Borovets, Bulgaria, in August 2010.

  • Inequalities and Applications 2010

    Inequalities and Applications 2010
    Catherine Bandle, Attila Gilányi, László Losonczi, Michael Plum

    Inequalities also appear directly in mathematical models for applications in science, engineering, and economics. This edited volume covers divers aspects of this fascinating field.

  • Tools for Computational Finance

    Tools for Computational Finance
    Rüdiger Seydel

    This book is very easy to read and one can gain a quick snapshot of computational issues arising in financial mathematics.

  • Multivariate Approximation and Splines

    Multivariate Approximation and Splines
    Jochen W. Schmidt, Guido Walz

    This volume presents refereed papers covering a variety of topics in the growing field of multivariate approximation and slines.

  • Nonsmooth Mechanics and Analysis

    Nonsmooth Mechanics and Analysis
    Pierre Alart, Olivier Maisonneuve, R. Tyrrell Rockafellar

    It is important not only in mechanics but also in physics, robotics, and economics. Audience This book is intended for researchers in mathematics and mechanics.

  • Numerical Analysis 1999

    Numerical Analysis 1999
    G.A. Watson, D.F. Griffiths

    Of considerable importance to numerical analysts, this text contains the proceedings of the 18th Dundee Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis, featuring eminent analysts and current topics.

  • Free Boundary Problems

    Free Boundary Problems
    Isabel Narra Figueiredo, Lisa Santos

    This book collects refereed lectures and communications presented at the Free Boundary Problems Conference (FBP2005).

  • Mathematical Modeling Simulation Visualization and e Learning

    Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and e-Learning
    Dialla Konaté

    This book is a collection of articles written by some of the most prominent leading applied mathematicians, as well as articles from young and promising scientists from Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

    Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
    Peter A. Fejer, Dan Simovici

    This volume treats basic topics, mostly of a set-theoretical nature (sets, functions and relations, partially ordered sets, induction, enumerability, and diagonalization) and illustrates the usefulness of mathematical ideas by presenting …

  • M thodes math matiques en chimie quantique Une introduction

    Méthodes mathématiques en chimie quantique. Une introduction
    Eric Cances, Claude Le Bris, Yvon Maday

    Le point de vue choisi est celui du mathématicien appliqué. Le cours est construit de manière auto-consistante.

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