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  • Wavelets and Operators Volume 1

    Wavelets and Operators:, Volume 1
    Yves Meyer

    For anyone who would like an introduction to wavelets, this book will prove to be a necessary purchase.

  • An Introduction to Wavelets

    An Introduction to Wavelets
    C. K. Chui

    Among the basic topics covered in this book are time-frequency localization, integral wavelet transforms, dyadic wavelets, frames, spline-wavelets, orthonormal wavelet bases, and wavelet packets.

  • The Beginning of Infinity

    The Beginning of Infinity
    David Deutsch

    In this important new book, David Deutsch, an award-winning pioneer in the field of quantum computation, argues that explanations have a fundamental place in the universe.

  • Spectral Decomposition and Eisenstein Series

    Spectral Decomposition and Eisenstein Series
    C. Moeglin, J. L. Waldspurger

    A self-contained introduction to automorphic forms, and Eisenstein series and pseudo-series, proving some of Langlands' work at the intersection of number theory and group theory.

  • The Mathematics of Infinity

    The Mathematics of Infinity
    Theodore G. Faticoni

    Requiring little mathematical training and a healthy curiosity, the book presents a user-friendly approach to ideas involving the infinite. readers will discover the main ideas of infinite cardinals and ordinal numbers without experiencing …

  • Wavelets

    Peter Nickolas

    Makes the intrinsically advanced theory of wavelets accessible to senior undergraduate students with a mathematical background.

  • Automatic Sequences

    Automatic Sequences
    Jean-Paul Allouche, Jeffrey Shallit

    Uniting dozens of seemingly disparate results from different fields, this book combines concepts from mathematics and computer science to present the first integrated treatment of sequences generated by 'finite automata'.

  • A First Course in Wavelets with Fourier Analysis

    A First Course in Wavelets with Fourier Analysis
    Albert Boggess, Francis J. Narcowich

    The book begins with an introduction to vector spaces, inner product spaces, and other preliminary topics in analysis.

  • Uniform Distribution of Sequences

    Uniform Distribution of Sequences
    L. Kuipers, H. Niederreiter

    This book summarizes the theory's development from its beginnings to the mid-1970s, with comprehensive coverage of methods as well as their underlying principles. 1974 edition.

  • Padà Approximants

    Padé Approximants
    George A. Baker, P. R. Graves-Morris

    The first edition of this book was reviewed in 1982 as "the most extensive treatment of Pade approximants actually available." This second edition has been thoroughly updated, with a substantial new chapter on multiseries approximants.

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