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  • The Poincar Half plane

    The Poincaré Half-plane
    Saul Stahl

    The Poincare Half-Planeprovides an elementary and constructive development of this geometry that brings the undergraduate major closer to current geometric research.

  • Le Geometrie della Visione

    Le Geometrie della Visione
    Laura Catastini, Franco Ghione

    Per la prima volta sono riuniti e didatticamente rielaborati a fondo in un manuale e in un CD i testi di base della geometria della visione.

  • Geometric Theory of Foliations

    Geometric Theory of Foliations
    César Camacho, Alcides Lins Neto

    The theory of foliations, as it is known, began with the work of C. Ehresmann and G. Reeb, in the 1940's; however, as Reeb has himself observed, already in the last century P. Painleve saw the necessity of creating a geometric theory (of …

  • Liber Mahameleth

    Liber Mahameleth
    Jacques Sesiano

    This is how a so-called critical edition is made. This edition of the Latin text is preceded by General Introduction, describing the various manuscripts, the content of the work and what we know about its author.

  • Cellular Spaces Null Spaces and Homotopy Localization

    Cellular Spaces, Null Spaces and Homotopy Localization
    Emmanuel Farjoun

    In this monograph we give an exposition of some recent development in homotopy theory.

  • Essential Geometry

    Essential Geometry
    Tim Hill

    This no-nonsense guide provides students and self-learners with a clear and readable study of geometry's most important ideas.

  • The Red Book of Varieties and Schemes

    The Red Book of Varieties and Schemes
    David Mumford

    "The book under review is a reprint of Mumford's famous Harvard lecture notes, widely used by the few past generations of algebraic geometers.

  • Classical Groups and Geometric Algebra

    Classical Groups and Geometric Algebra
    Larry C. Grove

    This text provides a single source for the basic facts about the classical groups and also includes the required geometrical background information from the first principles.

  • Просто хаос
    Сергей Деменок

    Регулярный или динамический хаос был открыт и стал предметом многих статей в глянцевых журналах в последние несколько …

  • Mathematics of the 19th Century

    Mathematics of the 19th Century
    Andrei N. Kolmogorov, Adolf-Andrei P. Yushkevich

    The book History of Mathematics from Ancient Times to the Early Nineteenth Century [in Russian], which was published in the years 1970-1972, is cited in abbreviated form as HM (with volume and page number indicated).

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