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  • The PoincarĂ Half plane

    The Poincaré Half-plane
    Saul Stahl

    The Poincare Half-Planeprovides an elementary and constructive development of this geometry that brings the undergraduate major closer to current geometric research.

  • Espaces vectoriels topologiques

    Espaces vectoriels topologiques
    N. Bourbaki

    Espaces vectoriels topologiques sur un corps value; -2. Ensembles convexes et espaces localement convexes; -3. Espaces d’applications linéaires continues; -4. La dualité dans les espaces vectoriels topologiques; -5.

  • Elementary Differential Geometry

    Elementary Differential Geometry
    Christian Bär

    This easy-to-read introduction takes the reader from elementary problems through to current research. Ideal for courses and self-study.

  • Geometry

    Steve Slavin, Ginny Crisonino

    Packed with useful, up-to-date information, this clear, concise volume is a valuable learning tool and reference source for anyone who wants to improve his or her understanding of basic geometry.

  • Computers Rigidity and Moduli

    Computers, Rigidity, and Moduli
    Shmuel Weinberger

    This book is the first to present a new area of mathematical research that combines topology, geometry, and logic.

  • Le Geometrie della Visione

    Le Geometrie della Visione
    Laura Catastini, Franco Ghione

    Per la prima volta sono riuniti e didatticamente rielaborati a fondo in un manuale e in un CD i testi di base della geometria della visione.

  • Symplectic Geometry and Analytical Mechanics

    Symplectic Geometry and Analytical Mechanics
    P. Libermann, Charles-Michel Marle

    Approach your problems from the right end It isn't that they can't see the solution. and begin with the answers.

  • Lineare Algebra und Analytische Geometrie

    Lineare Algebra und Analytische Geometrie
    Theodor Bröcker

    Die ersten fĂĽnf Kapitel dieses neuen Lehrbuchs entsprechen nach Inhalt und Methode dem Standard einer modernen Vorlesung ĂĽber Lineare Algebra.

  • Homotopy Type and Homology

    Homotopy Type and Homology
    Hans J. Baues

    This book provides a modern treatment of a long established set of questions in algebraic topology. The author is a leading figure in thisimportant research area.

  • The Red Book of Varieties and Schemes

    The Red Book of Varieties and Schemes
    David Mumford

    "The book under review is a reprint of Mumford's famous Harvard lecture notes, widely used by the few past generations of algebraic geometers.

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