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  • Algebraic Geometry

    Algebraic Geometry
    Masayoshi Miyanishi

    Originally published in Japanese in 1990, it presents a self-contained introduction to the fundamentals of algebraic geometry. This book begins with background on commutative algebras, sheaf theory, and related cohomology theory.

  • A Geometry of Music

    A Geometry of Music
    Dmitri Tymoczko

    In this groundbreaking work, author Dmitri Tymoczko describes a new framework for thinking about music that emphasizes the commonalities among styles from medieval polyphony to contemporary rock.

  • History of Mathematics

    History of Mathematics
    Craig Smorynski

    It also includes the proofs of important results which are typically neglected in the modern history of mathematics curriculum. This book attempts to fill two gaps which exist in the standard textbooks on the History of Mathematics.

  • Geometric Function Theory

    Geometric Function Theory
    Steven G Krantz

    * Presented from a geometric analytical viewpoint, this work addresses advanced topics in complex analysis that verge on modern areas of research * Methodically designed with individual chapters containing a rich collection of exercises, …

  • Harmonic Analysis and Special Functions on Symmetric Spaces

    Harmonic Analysis and Special Functions on Symmetric Spaces
    Gerrit Heckman

    The two parts of this sharply focused book, Hypergeometric and Special Functions and Harmonic Analysis on Semisimple Symmetric Spaces, are derived from lecture notes for the European School of Group Theory, a forum providing high-level …

  • Ideals Varieties and Algorithms

    Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms
    David A Cox, John Little, Donal O’Shea

    This book details the heart and soul of modern commutative and algebraic geometry.

  • Discrete Geometry

    Discrete Geometry
    Andras Bezdek

    Celebrating the work of Professor W. Kuperberg, this reference explores packing and covering theory, tilings, combinatorial and computational geometry, and convexity, featuring an extensive collection of problems compiled at the Discrete …

  • Optimal Transport

    Optimal Transport
    C├ędric Villani

    Thus, the book encompasses the broad spectrum ranging from basic theory to the most recent research results. PhD students or researchers can read the entire book without any prior knowledge of the field.

  • Dynamics Statistics and Projective Geometry of Galois Fields

    Dynamics, Statistics and Projective Geometry of Galois Fields
    V. I. Arnold

    V. I. Arnold reveals some unexpected connections between such apparently unrelated theories as Galois fields, dynamical systems, ergodic theory, statistics, chaos and the geometry of projective structures on finite sets.

  • Classification of Pseudo reductive Groups AM 191

    Classification of Pseudo-reductive Groups (AM-191)
    Brian Conrad, Gopal Prasad

    In this new book, Classification of Pseudo-reductive Groups, Conrad and Prasad go further to study the classification over an arbitrary field. An isomorphism theorem proved here determines the automorphism schemes of these groups.

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