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  • Architecture of Systems Problem Solving

    Architecture of Systems Problem Solving
    George Klir, Doug Elias

    One criterion for classifying books is whether they are written for a single pur pose or for multiple purposes. This book belongs to the category of multipurpose books, but one of its roles is predominant-it is primarily a textbook.

  • Fuzziness and Approximate Reasoning

    Fuzziness and Approximate Reasoning
    Kofi Kissi Dompere

    This monograph is special in its orientation and contribution to current state of our understanding of decision-choice process and knowledge production.

  • A Short Course in Mathematical Methods with Maple

    A Short Course in Mathematical Methods with Maple
    Henrik Aratyn, Constantin Rasinariu

    This unique book provides a streamlined, self-contained and modern text for one-semester mathematical methods course with an emphasis on concepts important from the application point of view.

  • Gra√ mann

    Hans-Joachim Petsche

    Hermann Gra√ümann, Gymnasiallehrer in Stettin und bekannt als Begr√ľnder der n-dimensionalen Vektoralgebra, erwarb sich auch in der Physik und der Sprachforschung bleibende Verdienste.

  • Applied Graph Theory

    Applied Graph Theory
    Wai-Kai Chen

    Chapter 6 deals with the realizability of directed graphs with prescribed degrees, while Chapter 7 talks about state equations of networks. The book will be of great use to researchers of network topology, linear systems, and circuitries.

  • Optimal Transport

    Optimal Transport
    Cédric Villani

    Thus, the book encompasses the broad spectrum ranging from basic theory to the most recent research results. PhD students or researchers can read the entire book without any prior knowledge of the field.

  • What Counts as Mathematics

    What Counts as Mathematics?
    Gail E. FitzSimons

    The author draws on an extensive literature base, as well as two decades of practical teaching experience, to critique the impact of neoliberal policies upon mathematics education in a sector where adult and vocational students arguably …

  • Stochastic Linear Programming

    Stochastic Linear Programming
    Peter Kall, J√°nos Mayer

    In this book models in financial optimization and risk analysis are discussed as examples, including solution methods and their implementation. Stochastic programming is a fast developing area of optimization and mathematical programming.

  • Systemology and Linguistic Aspects of Cybernetics

    Systemology and Linguistic Aspects of Cybernetics
    G. P. Mel Ļnikov

    Written from a point of view unfamiliar to Western readers, this book investigates the cybernetics of linguistics from a systemological viewpoint, and applies the ensuing results to the problems concerning artificial intelligence.

  • Generalized Convexity Generalized Monotonicity and Applications

    Generalized Convexity, Generalized Monotonicity and Applications
    Andrew Eberhard, Nicolas Hadjisavvas, The Luc Dinh

    This volume contains a collection of refereed articles on generalized convexity and generalized monotonicity.

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