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  • Adaptive Mechanics

    Adaptive Mechanics
    Vladimir I︠U︡rʹevich Tertychnyĭ-Dauri, V.Y. Tertychny-Dauri

    More likely, this is an attempt to show a number of well known scientific results in the parametric synthesis of nonlinear systems (this, strictly speaking, accounts for the availability of many reviews), as well as to bring to notice …

  • Pi und Co

    Pi und Co.
    Ehrhard Behrends, Peter Gritzmann, Günter M. Ziegler

    Mathematik ist eine vielseitige und lebendige Wissenschaft.

  • Introduction To The Calculus of Variations And Its Applications Second Edition

    Introduction To The Calculus of Variations And Its Applications, Second Edition
    Frederic Wan

    This comprehensive text provides all information necessary for an introductory course on the calculus of variations and optimal control theory.

  • Dynamic Fuzzy Pattern Recognition with Applications to Finance and Engineering

    Dynamic Fuzzy Pattern Recognition with Applications to Finance and Engineering
    Larisa Angstenberger

    This book sets a general framework for Dynamic Pattern Recognition, describing in detail the monitoring process using fuzzy tools and the adaptation process in which the classifiers have to be adapted, using the observations of the dynamic …

  • Statistics for Finance

    Statistics for Finance
    Erik Lindström, Henrik Madsen, Jan Nygaard Nielsen

    The book discusses applications of financial derivatives pertaining to risk assessment and elimination.

  • Accelerating MATLAB Performance

    Accelerating MATLAB Performance
    Yair M. Altman

    It takes a comprehensive approach to MATLAB performance, illustrating numerous ways to attain the desired speedup. The book covers MATLAB, CPU, and memory profiling and discusses various tradeoffs in performance tuning.

  • Groups of Circle Diffeomorphisms

    Groups of Circle Diffeomorphisms
    Andrés Navas

    As the group of circle diffeomorphisms is an important subject in modern mathematics, this book will be of interest to those doing research in group theory, dynamical systems, low dimensional geometry and topology, and foliation theory.

  •       к           е    ке    6 к

    Сборник задач по математике для 6 класса
    Лев Шнеперман, Галина Муравьева, Елена Кузнецова

    Задачник по математике является частью учебно-методического комплекса для 6 класса. Он существенно дополняет систему упражнений …

  •  е  е    е к         е            е    ке 1 4 к

    Четвертные контрольные работы по математике. 1-4 классы
    Ольга Узорова, Елена Нефедова

    Контрольные работы, собранные в данном пособии, а также отдельные задачи из них полезно использовать в качестве самостоятельных …

  • Introductory Mathematics Algebra and Analysis

    Introductory Mathematics: Algebra and Analysis
    Geoff Smith

    This text provides a lively introduction to pure mathematics.

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