Books in category Mathematics – Functional Analysis

  • V Invex Functions and Vector Optimization

    V-Invex Functions and Vector Optimization
    Shashi K. Mishra, Shouyang Wang, Kin Keung Lai

    This volume summarizes and synthesizes an aspect of research work that has been done in the area of Generalized Convexity over the past few decades.

  • A Modern Approach to Functional Integration

    A Modern Approach to Functional Integration
    John R. Klauder

    This text takes advantage of recent developments in the theory of path integration and attempts to make a major paradigm shift in how the art of functional integration is practiced.

  • Difference Schemes with Operator Factors

    Difference Schemes with Operator Factors
    A.A. Samarskii, P.P. Matus, P.N. Vabishchevich

    The theory of stability of difference schemes develops in various di rections. The most important results on this subject can be found in the book by A.A. Samarskii and A.V. Goolin [Samarskii and Goolin, 1973].

  • Selectors

    John E. Jayne, C. Ambrose Rogers

    This book is the first to assemble the scattered literature into a coherent and elegant presentation of what is known and proven about selectors–and what remains to be found.

  • Computational Mathematics Driven by Industrial Problems

    Computational Mathematics Driven by Industrial Problems
    R. Burkard, P. Deuflhard, A. Jameson, J.-L. Lions, G. Strang

    These lecture notes by very authoritative scientists survey recent advances of mathematics driven by industrial application showing not only how mathematics is applied to industry but also how mathematics has drawn benefit from interaction …

  • Foundations of Bilevel Programming

    Foundations of Bilevel Programming
    Stephan Dempe

    The book starts with the required results in parametric nonlinear optimization. This is followed by the main theoretical results including necessary and sufficient optimality conditions and solution algorithms for bilevel problems.

  • Necessary Conditions in Dynamic Optimization Issue 816

    Necessary Conditions in Dynamic Optimization, Issue 816
    Francis Clarke

    This monograph derives necessary conditions of optimality for a general control problem formulated in terms of a differential inclusion.

  • Variational Analysis

    Variational Analysis
    R. Tyrrell Rockafellar, Roger J.-B. Wets

    This book develops a unified framework and provides a detailed exposition of variational geometry and subdifferential calculus in their current forms beyond classical and convex analysis.

  • Nonlinear Optimization in Finite Dimensions

    Nonlinear Optimization in Finite Dimensions
    Hubertus Th. Jongen, P. Jonker, F. Twilt

    The topology of global optimization is treated in detail (Morse Theory, Karush-Kuhn-Tucker points, Chebyshev Approximation).

  • Iterative Methods for Ill Posed Problems

    Iterative Methods for Ill-Posed Problems
    Anatoly B. Bakushinsky, Mihail Yu. Kokurin, Alexandra Smirnova

    Ill-posed problems are encountered in countless areas of real world science and technology.

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