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  • Integers Annual Volume 2013

    Integers: Annual, Volume 2013
    Bruce Landman

    Integers also houses a combinatorial games section. This work presents all papers of the 2013 volume in book form.

  • Methods in Module Theory

    Methods in Module Theory

    A collection of articles embodying the work presented at the 1991 Methods in Module Theory Conference at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs – facilitating the explanation and cross-fertilization of new techniques that were …

  • Multivariate Approximation and Applications

    Multivariate Approximation and Applications
    N. Dyn

    Advanced introduction to multivariate approximation theory, suitable for researchers and graduate students.

  • Alcune questioni di analisi numerica

    Alcune questioni di analisi numerica
    Aldo Ghizzetti

    – P. Wynn: Four lectures on the numerical application of continued fractions.- W. Gautschi: Strength and weakness of three-term recurrence relation.- F.L. Bauer: Use of continued fractions and algorithms related to them.

  • Abelian Groups and Modules

    Abelian Groups and Modules
    K.M. Rangaswamy, David Arnold

    Contains the proceedings of an international conference on abelian groups and modules held recently in Colorado Springs.

  • Kleinian Groups and Hyperbolic 3 Manifolds

    Kleinian Groups and Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
    Y. Komori, V. Markovic, C. Series

    This volume, proceedings of the Warwick workshop in September 2001, contains expositions of many of these breakthroughs including Minsky's lectures on the first half of the proof of the Ending Lamination Conjecture, the Bers Density …

  • A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory

    A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory
    Stephen C. Newman

    The book is also appealing to anyone interested in understanding the origins of Galois theory, why it was created, and how it has evolved into the discipline it is today.

  • Computational Wave Propagation

    Computational Wave Propagation
    Björn Engquist

    This IMA Volume in Mathematics and its Applications COMPUTATIONAL WAVE PROPAGATION is based on the workshop with the same title and was an integral part of the 1994-1995 IMA program on "Waves and Scattering.

  • Categories for the Working Mathematician

    Categories for the Working Mathematician
    Saunders MacLane

    Category Theory has developed rapidly. This book aims to present those ideas and methods which can now be effectively used by Mathe maticians working in a variety of other fields of Mathematical research. This occurs at several levels.

  • Algebra from A to Z

    Algebra from A to Z
    A W Goodman

    As an example, the circle notation for a composite function is now standard material, but this book explains just why that notation is needed. The book concludes with a presentation of the Peano Axioms.

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