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  • Women Compulsion Modernity

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity
    Jennifer L. Fleissner

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity reopens a moment when the young American woman embodied both the promise and threat of a modernizing world.

  • Toni Morrison s Fiction

    Toni Morrison’s Fiction
    David L. Middleton

    This collection of essays and reviews represents the most significant and comprehensive writing on Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors.

  • Annie Ernaux

    Annie Ernaux
    Siobhán McIlvanney

    This text provides an analysis of Annie Ernaux's individual texts.

  • Toni Morrison s Developing Class Consciousness

    Toni Morrison’s Developing Class Consciousness
    Doreatha D. Mbalia

    Toni Morrison scholars as well as those interested in the creative process will be excited about a new feature that appears in this second edition of this book: a sampling of Toni Morrison's creative process.

  • Restless Wave

    Restless Wave
    Ayako Ishigaki

    With the publication of Restless Wave in 1940, pioneering feminist, journalist, and activist Ayako Ishigaki made history.

  • Catholic Women Writers

    Catholic Women Writers
    Mary R. Reichardt

    The first reference of its kind, Catholic Women Writers provides biographical, critical, and bibliographical entries on 64 Catholic women writers from around the world and across the centuries.

  • Rethinking Women s Collaborative Writing

    Rethinking Women’s Collaborative Writing
    Lorraine Mary York

    York explores collaborative writing from women in Britain, the United States, Italy and France, illuminating the tensions in the collaborative process that grow out of important cultural, racial, and sexual differences between the authors.

  • Anna Maria Ortese

    Anna Maria Ortese
    Gian Maria Annovi, Flora Ghezzo

    Bringing a wide range of critical perspectives to Ortese’s work, the contributors to this collection map the author’s complex textual geography, with its overlapping literary genres, forms, and conceptual categories, and the rhetorical …

  • Handbuch Literatur Emotionen

    Handbuch Literatur & Emotionen
    Martin von Koppenfels, Cornelia Zumbusch

    Dieses Handbuch liefert eine zusammenfassende Darstellung, die diese lange Reflexionstradition in Bezug zu theoretischen Ansätzen des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts setzt und an konkreten Fallstudien anschaulich macht.

  • Rebellious Hearts

    Rebellious Hearts
    Adriana Craciun, Kari E. Lokke

    Examines the full spectrum of women's participation in the social, economic, religious, and poetic debates surrounding the French Revolution.

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