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  • A New Science

    A New Science
    Bruce Mazlish

    What makes this book stand out is the way in which Mazlish situates sociology in the broader context of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century social thought.

  • Tolstoy and the Religious Culture of His Time

    Tolstoy and the Religious Culture of His Time
    Inessa Medzhibovskaya

    Part intellectual biography and part history of religious ideas in genre, this book covers a range of topics such as conversion in the age of modernity, conversion and the fate of realist art, and Tolstoy's conversion in the context of …

  • What Is to Be Done

    What Is to Be Done?
    Nikolay Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky, Michael R. Katz

  • Mandel shtam s Poetics

    Mandel’shtam’s Poetics
    Elena Corrigan

    This book is the first attempt to describe in a comprehensive way Mandel?shtam's intellectual world and its effect on his evolution as a thinker.

  • Diary as Fiction

    Diary as Fiction
    Jessica M. Natale

    There is a genre of literature in which the work is purposely written within the diary format; this type of writings known as diary fiction.

  • Tolstoy s the Death of Ivan Il╩ ich

    Tolstoy’s the Death of Ivan Il╩╣ich
    Gary R. Jahn

    Completing the volume is Philip Rogers's discussion of the novel from the point of view of the comparatist. Editor Gary R. Jahn adds both factual and interpretative annotations to the novel.

  • A Karenina Companion

    A Karenina Companion
    C.J.G. Turner

    Chapter 4 adduces the main differences between the latest edition of the text and what has been the standard edition for over 50 years. Chapter 5 outlines what Tolstoi was reading as he was writing the novel.

  • Dostoevsky and the Christian Tradition

    Dostoevsky and the Christian Tradition
    George Pattison, Diane Oenning Thompson

    This collection explores the interaction between Dostoevsky's Christian faith and his writing. The essays cover such topics as temptation, Dostoevsky's use of the gospels, icons and hagiography.

  • Klop Stikhi Po─ my

    Klop, Stikhi, Po─Śmy
    Vladimir Mayakovsky

    The bilingual text features highlights of the verse and dramatic writing of the acclaimed Soviet poet and playwright

  • Bakhtin and Religion

    Bakhtin and Religion
    Susan M. Felch, Paul J. Contino

    This work investigates the role of religious thought in shaping and framing Bakhtin's writings.

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