Books in category Literary Criticism – Russian & Former Soviet Union

  • Consequences of Consciousness

    Consequences of Consciousness
    Donna Tussing Orwin

    Consequences of Consciousness shows how great Russian authors conversed with each other through their fictions as they explored both the limits and the autonomy of subjective consciousness.

  • A Karenina Companion

    A Karenina Companion
    C.J.G. Turner

    Chapter 4 adduces the main differences between the latest edition of the text and what has been the standard edition for over 50 years. Chapter 5 outlines what Tolstoi was reading as he was writing the novel.

  • Lyric Incarnate

    Lyric Incarnate
    Timothy C. Westphalen

    Blok's plays have received less attention than his poetry in the West, and this book is the first and only English-language monograph devoted to Blok the playwright.

  • Sophia Parnok

    Sophia Parnok
    Diana L. Burgin

    Parnok's poems, translated here for the first time in English, added to a wealth of biographical material, make this book a fascinating and lyrical account of an important Russian poet.

  • Dostoevsky and the Christian Tradition

    Dostoevsky and the Christian Tradition
    George Pattison, Diane Oenning Thompson

    This collection explores the interaction between Dostoevsky's Christian faith and his writing. The essays cover such topics as temptation, Dostoevsky's use of the gospels, icons and hagiography.

  • Klop Stikhi Po─ my

    Klop, Stikhi, Po─Śmy
    Vladimir Mayakovsky

    The bilingual text features highlights of the verse and dramatic writing of the acclaimed Soviet poet and playwright

  • Bakhtin and Religion

    Bakhtin and Religion
    Susan M. Felch, Paul J. Contino

    This work investigates the role of religious thought in shaping and framing Bakhtin's writings.

  • Unforced Flourishing

    Unforced Flourishing
    Thomas Salumets

    In Unforced Flourishing, Thomas Salumets seeks access to Kaplinski's life and work and finds a path to the signature of his thinking.

  • Wages of Evil

    Wages of Evil
    Anna Schur

    Anna Schur brings to bear a wide range of sources in philosophy, criminology, psychology, and history to examine Dostoevsky's ideas.

  • Selected Stories

    Selected Stories
    Aleksandr Fomich Vel e’tman, James J. Gebhard

    The story, Erotida, is on a brigadier who pines for the good old days, Roland the Furious is a tongue-in-cheek look at provincial life, and It's Not a House, but a Plaything! is on the domovoi, a Russian house spirit.

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