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  • Squitter wits and Muse haters

    Squitter-wits and Muse-haters
    Peter C. Herman

    This study offers an approach toward Renaissance literary production, demonstrating that antipoetic sentiment, previously dismissed as an unimportant aspect of Tudor-Stuart literary culture, constituted a significant shaping presence in …

  • Att √ vers√ tta sj√ len

    Att översätta själen
    Kjell Espmark

    Kjell Espmarks Att översätta själen (1975) lyfter fram ett viktigt obeaktat sammanhang i poesin från Les fleurs du mal och framåt.

  • The Cambridge Introduction to William Wordsworth

    The Cambridge Introduction to William Wordsworth
    Emma Mason

    This concise book is the ideal starting point for studying Lyrical Ballads, The Prelude, and the major poems as well as Wordsworth's lesser known writings.

  • New International Voices in Ecocriticism

    New International Voices in Ecocriticism
    Serpil Oppermann

    In this sense the book also probes borders, border transgression, and border permeability.

  • Walden by Haiku

    Walden by Haiku
    Ian Marshall

    In the second part of the book, he explains his process of finding the haiku in the text, breaking down each chapter of Walden to highlight the imagery and poetic language embedded in the most powerful passages.

  • Rita Dove s Cosmopolitanism

    Rita Dove’s Cosmopolitanism
    Malin Pereira

    First full length critical study of Dove's body of work.

  • A History of Russian Symbolism

    A History of Russian Symbolism
    Avril Pyman

    This book is the first detailed history of the Russian Symbolist movement, from its initial hostile reception as a symptom of European decadence to its absorption into the mainstream of Russian literature, and eventual disintegration.

  • Regard for the Other

    Regard for the Other
    E. S. Burt

    The book makes a strong intervention in the debate over one of the most-read genres of our time.

  • Historical Anthology of Kazan Tatar Verse

    Historical Anthology of Kazan Tatar Verse
    Ravil Ļ Bukharaev, David John Matthews

    Expounds the rich history of Kazan Tatar poetry from its beginnings in the early 12th century, against a colourful background of social, cultural and political settings.

  • Die andere Tradition

    Die andere Tradition
    Chiara Conterno

    Biographische Informationen Dr. Chiara Conterno ist Postdoc-Stipendiatin (Germanistik) an der Universität Verona. Reihe Poetik, Exegese und Narrative / Poetics, Exegesis and Narrative РBand 003.

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