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  • Haa Tuwun agu Y s for Healing Our Spirit

    Haa Tuwunáagu Yís, for Healing Our Spirit
    Nora Dauenhauer, Richard Dauenhauer

    Most speeches were recorded on Canada's Northwest Coast, primarily in British Columbia, between 1968 and 1988, but two date from 1899. Includes references and glossary.

  • Four Masterworks of American Indian Literature

    Four Masterworks of American Indian Literature
    John Bierhorst

    These stories represent the Aztec, Iroquois, Maya, and Sioux cultures This volume is intended as a first step toward establishing a body of standard words, a canon, of native American literature.

  • Feminist Readings of Native American Literature

    Feminist Readings of Native American Literature
    Kathleen M. Donovan

    Focusing on the works of N. Scott Momaday, Joy Harjo, Paula Gunn Allen, and others, Donovan analyzes the texts of these well-known writers, weaving a supporting web of feminist criticism throughout.

  • Deep Waters

    Deep Waters
    Christopher B. Teuton

    The center of this book examines four key works of contemporary American Indian literature by N. Scott Momaday, Gerald Vizenor, Ray A. Young Bear, and Robert J. Conley.

  • Understanding Sherman Alexie

    Understanding Sherman Alexie
    Daniel Grassian

    Offers a chronological examination of the work of the Native American novelist, poet, filmmaker, and short story writer.

  • Across Cultures Across Borders

    Across Cultures / Across Borders
    Paul Depasquale, Renate Eigenbrod, Emma Larocque

    Together, these original works illustrate diverse but interconnecting knowledges and offer powerfully relevant observations on Native literature and culture.

  • Walking a Tightrope

    Walking a Tightrope
    David T. McNab, Ute Lischke

    Until these are understood by non-Aboriginals, Aboriginal people will continue to be misrepresented – both as individuals and as groups."–BOOK JACKET.

  • Hopi Traditional Literature

    Hopi Traditional Literature
    David Leedom Shaul

    Although the book will be of interest to scholars in linguistics, ethnopoetics, discourse analysis, and performance theory, the author does not assume extensive knowledge of these fields or of the Hopi language on the part of his reader.

  • Dancing Ghosts

    Dancing Ghosts
    Mark Thomas Hoyer

    Hoyer makes new and provocative connections between Austin and spiritual figures like Wovoka, the prophet of the Ghost Dance religion, and writers like Zitkala-sa and Mourning Dove, and he provides a particularly fine reading of Cogowea.

  • When the Other Is Me

    When the Other Is Me
    Emma LaRocque

    In this long-awaited book from one of the most recognized and respected scholars in Native Studies today, Emma LaRocque presents a powerful interdisciplinary study of the Native literary response to racist writing in the Canadian historical …

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