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  • قاموس العربية الأندلوسية
    Federico Corriente

    A lexicon of words and idioms used by the Andalusi people in their middle and low register speech, together with etymological discussion of items and other panchronical information.

  • Outside the Fold

    Outside the Fold
    Gauri Viswanathan

    Illustrated. "I cannot conceive of a more important reading in its detail and its strength. This is the work of a dedicated and highly sophisticated thinker."–Sara Suleri Goodyear, Yale University

  • God and Juggernaut

    God and Juggernaut
    Farzin Vahdat

    This book is an important addition to the growing body of work in Global Studies and Critical Theory as well as on contemporary Iran.

  • Between Sea and Sahara

    Between Sea and Sahara
    Eugène Fromentin

    This is a compelling eyewitness account of the country and its people, questioning France's–and his own–presence there.

  • The Politics of Writing in Iran

    The Politics of Writing in Iran
    Kamran Talattof

    This study emphasizes the pattern of literary change in Iran, as it focuses on the relationship between the constructive elements of literary creativity, literary movement, ideology, and metaphorical language of modern Persian authors.

  • Arabic Grammar and Qur  nic Exegesis in Early Islam

    Arabic Grammar and Qurʼānic Exegesis in Early Islam
    C. H. M. Versteegh

    In this volume the author examines the origins of Arabic linguistics on the basis of the earliest Qur nic commentaries (1st half of the 8th century A.D.).

  • Standing by the Ruins

    Standing by the Ruins
    Ken Seigneurie

    Focusing on contemporary Lebanese fiction, film, and popular culture, this book shows how artists reappropriated the twin legacies of commitment literature and the ancient topos of "standing by the ruins" to form a new "elegiac humanism" …

  • Arab Women Writers

    Arab Women Writers
    Ferial Jabouri Ghazoul, Hasna Reda-Mekdashi

    An invaluable new reference source and critical review of Arab women writers from the nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth

  • Muslim Narratives and the Discourse of English

    Muslim Narratives and the Discourse of English
    Amin Malak

    Examines novels and short stories by Muslim authors who write in English.

  • Subjectivity in  Att r Persian Sufism and European Mysticism

    Subjectivity in ʿAttār, Persian Sufism, and European Mysticism
    Claudia Yaghoobi

    In this book, the relation between transgression and the limit is not viewed as one of liberation from oppressive restrictions, but of undoing the structures that produce constraining binaries; it allows for alternatives and possibilities.

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