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  • Nicholas Love s Mirror and Late Medieval Devotio Literary Culture

    Nicholas Love’s Mirror and Late Medieval Devotio-Literary Culture
    David J. Falls

    This book presents a nuanced picture not only of the Mirror's production, circulation and function, but also the dynamic and flourishing devotio-literary culture of late medieval England in which Love's text operated.

  • PĂ pste und Poeten

    Päpste und Poeten
    Thomas Haye

    Während des Mittelalters ist die päpstliche Kurie innerhalb Europas die wichtigste Adresse der gelehrten lateinischen Dichtung.

  • Premodern Scotland

    Premodern Scotland
    Joanna Martin, Emily Wingfield

    With a focus on historical and material context, contributors explore the ways in which these texts engage with notions of the self and with advisory subjects both specific to particular Stewart monarchs and of more general political …

  • Transforming Tales

    Transforming Tales
    Miranda Griffin

    This book's purpose is twofold: it traces a series of figures (the werewolf, the snake-woman, the nymph, the magician, amongst others) as they are transformed within individual texts; and it also examines the way in which the stories of …

  • Reading the Allegorical Intertext

    Reading the Allegorical Intertext
    Judith Anderson

    Anderson's book, the result of decades of teaching and writing about allegory, especially Spenserian allegory, will reorient thinking about fundamental critical issues and the landmark texts in which they play themselves out.

  • Mediaeval Latin Palaeography

    Mediaeval Latin Palaeography
    Leonard E. Boyle

    A comprehensive bibliography of medievel palaeontology for a student's use.

  • A Companion to ChrĂ tien de Troyes

    A Companion to Chrétien de Troyes
    Norris J. Lacy, Joan T. Grimbert

    One of the most important medieval authors studied in historical and literary context.

  • Fortune s Faces

    Fortune’s Faces
    Daniel Heller-Roazen

    Situating the Romance of the Rose at the intersection of medieval literature and philosophy, Heller-Roazen shows how the thirteenth-century work invokes and radicalizes two classical and medieval traditions of reflection on language and …

  • Ecstatic Transformation

    Ecstatic Transformation
    M. Uebel

    This book studies the way in which medieval ways of knowing the Oriental 'other' were constructed around the idea of a utopic East as located in the legend and Letter of Prester John (c. 1160).

  • New Perspectives on Middle English Texts

    New Perspectives on Middle English Texts
    Ronald Waldron, Susan Powell, Jeremy J. Smith

    This collection of essays, by experts in the field, on major late Middle English texts, concentrates on the alliterative tradition, particularly Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. In addition, there are papers on Chaucer and Henryson.

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