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  • Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

    Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
    Geoffrey Chaucer

    Volume III features: The Hous of Fame, one of Chaucer s earliest works, a poem some scholars consider a parody of Dante s Divine Comedy The Legend of Good Women, a dream-vision poem that represents an early major example of iambic …

  • Great Norse Celtic and Teutonic Legends

    Great Norse, Celtic and Teutonic Legends
    Wilhelm Wägner, W. S. W. Anson

    Captivating collection of legends and romances encompasses the principal hero-lays of the great epic cycles of the Teutonic Middle Ages — Hegeling and Nibelung legends, Beowulf, Knights of the Round Table, the Rhine legend of Lohengrin, …

  • Celestina

    Fernando de Rojas

    The first edition of Celestina, the Spanish classic attributed to Fernando de Rojas, appeared in 1499 and was followed by an expanded version in 1502.

  • Figuring the Feminine

    Figuring the Feminine
    Jill Ross

    She highlights ways in which these texts contribute to the understanding of gender in medieval poetics and foreground questions of literary and cultural import.

  • A Great Effusion of Blood

    A Great Effusion of Blood?
    Mark D. Meyerson, Daniel Thiery, Oren Falk

    Exploring the issue from both historical and literary perspectives, the contributors examine violence in a broad variety of genres, places, and times, such as the Late Antique lives of the martyrs, Islamic historiography, Anglo-Saxon poetry …

  • Wykked Wyves and the Woes of Marriage

    Wykked Wyves and the Woes of Marriage
    Katharina M. Wilson, Elizabeth M. Makowski

  • Sagas and Myths of the Northmen

    Sagas and Myths of the Northmen
    Jesse L Byock

    In a land of ice, great warriors search for glory.

  • William Langland s Piers Plowman

    William Langland’s Piers Plowman
    Kathleen M. Hewett-Smith

    First Published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Tradition Innovation I ma schmidt Sf 18

    Tradition, Innovation (schmidt) Sf 18
    Hans-Joachim Schmidt

    The papers collected in this volume demonstrate how in the Middle Ages the concept of progress could be reconciled with the bonds of tradition or in conflict with them.

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood
    Thomas H. Ohlgren, Lister M. Matheson

    Several fourteenth-century allusions in the works of William Langland and Geoffrey Chaucer suggest that the rymes of Robyn Hood were widely circulating by the 1370s, but, it is vital to note, none of these late fourteenth-century works …

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