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  • Kafka and Cultural Zionism

    Kafka and Cultural Zionism
    Iris Bruce

    Kafka and Cultural Zionism is an illumination of the individual Jewish identity of this major modernist German author.

  • Engaging the Shoah through the Poetry of Dan Pagis

    Engaging the Shoah through the Poetry of Dan Pagis
    Shellie Gordon McCullough

    By analyzing the Holocaust poetry of Dan Pagis and correlating it to his biography through the identifying tropes of Pagis’s literature, this book reveals that the speakers of Pagis’ poems embody a resistance to traditional historical, …

  • Belonging Too Well

    Belonging Too Well
    Miriam Sivan

    Shows how Ozick’s characters attempt to mediate a complex Jewish identity, one that bridges the differences between traditional Judaism and secular American culture.

  • The Joys of Hebrew

    The Joys of Hebrew
    Lewis Glinert

    The first such guide to Hebrew, this volume is more than a mere lexicon–it is a jubilant celebration of Hebrew itself, a treasure trove of Jewish wit, wisdom, culture, and tradition.

  • The Book of the Twelve Prophets

    The Book of the Twelve Prophets

    This is a glittering new translation of the portion of the Hebrew Bible known as the Book of the Twelve Prophets, or the Twelve "Minor" Prophets. In the Bible, the books of the prophets are arranged in rough order of length.

  • Zionism and Revolution in European Jewish Literature

    Zionism and Revolution in European-Jewish Literature
    Laurel Plapp

    Zionism and Revolution in European-Jewish Literature examines twentieth-century Jewish writing that challenges imperialist ventures and calls for solidarity with the colonized, most notably the Arabs of Palestine and Africans in the …

  • Between Symbolism and Realism

    Between Symbolism and Realism
    Bennie Reynolds

    Written symbolic language seen as a key to spoken ancient Jewish language.

  • Turning Up the Flame

    Turning Up the Flame
    Jay L. Halio, Ben Siegel

    This is the only essay collection devoted primarily to Roth's fiction of the last two decades. It includes fourteen essays, written by some of the leading Roth specialists in this country and abroad."–BOOK JACKET.

  • A Question of Tradition

    A Question of Tradition
    Kathryn Hellerstein

    In A Question of Tradition, Kathryn Hellerstein explores the roles that women poets played in forming a modern Yiddish literary tradition.

  • The Jewish Graphic Novel

    The Jewish Graphic Novel
    Samantha Baskind, Ranen Omer-Sherman

    The Jewish Graphic Novel is a lively, interdisciplinary collection of essays that addresses critically acclaimed works in this subgenre of Jewish literary and artistic culture.

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