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  • A Decade of Dark Humor

    A Decade of Dark Humor
    Ted Gournelos, Viveca Greene

    This interdisciplinary volume brings together scholars from four countries to discuss the impact of humor and irony on both media discourse and tangible political reality.

  • Ain t that a Knee slapper

    Ain’t that a Knee-slapper
    Tim Hollis

    A hee-hawing history of comedic performers from the golden age of radio through "The Dukes of Hazzard"

  • Fetching the Old Southwest

    Fetching the Old Southwest
    James H. Justus

    Like most writing, humor is a product of its place and time, and the works studied herein are no exception.

  • Loopholes

    John Bruns

    Loopholes argues that trivialization of comedy comes from fear that it will address our anxieties with honesty—and it is this truth that scares us. John Bruns discusses comedy as a mode of thought with a cognitive function.

  • Housebroken

    Laurie Notaro

    Praise for Laurie Notaro “Notaro is a scream, the freak-magnet of a girlfriend you can’t wait to meet for a drink to hear her latest story.”—The Plain Dealer “If Laurie Notaro’s books don’t inspire pants-wetting fits of …

  • Recreation and Style

    Recreation and Style
    Brigid Maher

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  • Better a Shrew Than a Sheep

    Better a Shrew Than a Sheep
    Pamela Allen Brown

    In a study that explodes the assumption that early modern comic culture was created by men for men, Pamela Allen Brown shows that jest books, plays, and ballads represented women as laugh-getters and sought out the laughter of ordinary …

  • The Senses of Humor

    The Senses of Humor
    Daniel Wickberg

    Daniel Wickberg traces the relatively short cultural history of the concept to its British origins as a way to explore new conceptions of the self and social order in modern America.

  • Blind Men and Elephants

    Blind Men and Elephants
    Arthur Asa Berger

    The book also explains the risk factor in ridicule as a humorous device. Blind Men and Elephants depicts how one entity or one situation can be viewed in as many different ways as the number of people studying it.

  • The Idea of Comedy

    The Idea of Comedy
    Jan Hokenson

    The book brings into view the full landscape of comic theory as a field of ideas, a terrain of thought extending from antique to recent conceptions.

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