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  • Ain t that a Knee slapper

    Ain’t that a Knee-slapper
    Tim Hollis

    A hee-hawing history of comedic performers from the golden age of radio through "The Dukes of Hazzard"

  • Between two stools

    Between two stools
    Peter J. Smith

    Smith demonstrates how the combination of high and low cultures manifests the capacity to run canonical and carnivalesque together so that sanctioned and civilised artefacts and scatological humour frequently co-exist in the works under …

  • The Blotting Book

    The Blotting Book
    E. F. Benson

    Chapter I Mrs.

  • The Capsina

    The Capsina
    E. F. Benson

    Chapter I The little town of Hydra, white-walled and trailing its skirts in the Ægean, climbs steeply up the northeastern side of the island from which it is named, and looks towards the hills of Argolis on the mainland and the setting of …

  • Dodo A Detail of the Day

    Dodo, A Detail of the Day
    E. F. Benson

    At the time at which this story opens, London was having its annual golden days; days to be associated with cool, early rides in the crumbly Row, with sitting on small, green chairs beneath the trees at the corner of the Park; with a …

  • Queen Lucia

    Queen Lucia
    E. F. Benson

    Chapter ONE Though the sun was hot on this July morning Mrs Lucas preferred to cover the half-mile that lay between the station and her house on her own brisk feet, and sent on her maid and her luggage in the fly that her husband had …

  • The Poetics of Impudence and Intimacy in the Age of Pushkin

    The Poetics of Impudence and Intimacy in the Age of Pushkin
    Joe Peschio

    Joe Peschio offers the first comprehensive history of the "shalost'"–a word which could refer to behaviors like practical joking, insubordination, ritual humiliation, or vandalism, among other things, but also to literary manifestations of …

  • The Narrative Imagination

    The Narrative Imagination
    Armine Avakian Kotin

    Inscribed in a tradition of short narrative forms in late medieval and early Renaissance France, these tales remake or recast traditional narrative patterns into new forms.

  • English Comedy

    English Comedy
    Ashley H. Thorndike

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  • Laughter in Ancient Rome

    Laughter in Ancient Rome
    Mary Beard

    As a literary attainment, this book is marvelous.” —Dylan Sailor, Associate Professor of Classics at University of California, Berkeley

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