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  • Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty

    Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty
    Marianne Janack

    "A discussion of issues raised by Richard Rorty's engagement with feminist philosophy. Includes essays about the relevance for feminism of pragmatism, philosophy, rhetoric, realism, and liberalism"–Provided by publisher.

  • Women Compulsion Modernity

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity
    Jennifer L. Fleissner

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity reopens a moment when the young American woman embodied both the promise and threat of a modernizing world.

  • Marked Body The

    Marked Body, The
    Kate Lawson, Lynn Shakinovsky

    Discusses portrayals of domestic violence in six major works of mid-nineteenth-century literature.

  • Annie Ernaux

    Annie Ernaux
    Siobhán McIlvanney

    This text provides an analysis of Annie Ernaux's individual texts.

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    Женское счастье
    Ирина Агапеева

    Эта книга не о таинственном доме, который стоит посреди леса, и не о красивом незнакомце, поселившемся в нем. А еще эта книга совсем …

  • Time Is of the Essence

    Time Is of the Essence
    Patricia Murphy

    Examines the intricate relationships between time and gender in the novels of five fin-de-siecle British writers–Thomas Hardy, Olive Schreiner, H. Rider Haggard, Sarah Grand, and Mona Caird.

  • Victorian Women s Fiction

    Victorian Women’s Fiction
    Shirley Foster

    Focusing on the ways in which female novelists have, in their creative work, challenged or scrutinised contemporary assumptions about their own sex, this book's critical interest in women’s fiction shows how mid-nineteenth-century women …

  • Bound by the City

    Bound by the City
    Denise Eileen McCoskey, Emily Zakin

    Explores the connections between sexual difference and political structure in ancient Greek tragedy.

  • The Poetry of American Women from 1632 to 1945

    The Poetry of American Women from 1632 to 1945
    Emily Stipes Watts

    This volume not only brings to light several important women poets but also represents the discovery of a tradition of women writers. This is a unique and invaluable contribution to the history of American literature.

  • This Book Is an Action

    This Book Is an Action
    Jaime Harker, Cecilia Konchar Farr

    The authors in This Book Is an Action investigate the dynamic print culture that emerged as the feminist movement reawakened in the late 1960s.

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