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  • Ellen Glasgow

    Ellen Glasgow
    Linda W. Wagner

    In her early fiction, published at the turn of the century, all attention is focused on male protagonists; the strong female characters who do appear early in these novels gradually fade into the background.

  • Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty

    Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty
    Marianne Janack

    "A discussion of issues raised by Richard Rorty's engagement with feminist philosophy. Includes essays about the relevance for feminism of pragmatism, philosophy, rhetoric, realism, and liberalism"–Provided by publisher.

  • Undomesticated Ground

    Undomesticated Ground
    Stacy Alaimo

    Reading works by Catherine Sedgwick, Mary Austin, Emma Goldman, Nella Larson, Donna Haraway, Toni Morrison, and others, Alaimo finds that some of these writers strategically invoke nature for feminist purposes while others cast nature as a …

  • Women Compulsion Modernity

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity
    Jennifer L. Fleissner

    Women, Compulsion, Modernity reopens a moment when the young American woman embodied both the promise and threat of a modernizing world.

  • Exquisite Rebel

    Exquisite Rebel
    Voltairine de Cleyre, Sharon Presley, Crispin Sartwell

    Brings the writings of de Cleyre out of undeserved obscurity.

  • Annie Ernaux

    Annie Ernaux
    Siobhán McIlvanney

    This text provides an analysis of Annie Ernaux's individual texts.

  • Time Is of the Essence

    Time Is of the Essence
    Patricia Murphy

    Examines the intricate relationships between time and gender in the novels of five fin-de-siecle British writers–Thomas Hardy, Olive Schreiner, H. Rider Haggard, Sarah Grand, and Mona Caird.

  • Handbuch Literatur Emotionen

    Handbuch Literatur & Emotionen
    Martin von Koppenfels, Cornelia Zumbusch

    Dieses Handbuch liefert eine zusammenfassende Darstellung, die diese lange Reflexionstradition in Bezug zu theoretischen Ansätzen des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts setzt und an konkreten Fallstudien anschaulich macht.

  • Antigone s Daughters

    Antigone’s Daughters?
    Hilary Owen, Cláudia Pazos Alonso

    Antigone's Daughters? provides the first detailed discussion in English of six well-known Portuguese women writers, working across a wide range of genres: Florbela Espanca (1894-1930), Irene Lisboa (1892-1958), Agustina Bessa Lu's, (1923- ) …

  • Feminist Interpretations of John Rawls

    Feminist Interpretations of John Rawls
    Ruth Abbey

    In Feminist Interpretations of John Rawls, Ruth Abbey collects eight essays responding to the work of John Rawls from a feminist perspective.

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