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  • Kants Als Ob Wendungen in Kleists und Kafkas Prosa

    Kants Als-Ob-Wendungen in Kleists und Kafkas Prosa
    Dagmar Fischer

    Diese wissenschaftliche Untersuchung befasst sich mit dem Leben und Werk dreier berühmter Persönlichkeiten mit dem Buchstaben «K»: Dem ehrgeizigen, aus dürftigen Verhältnissen stammenden Philosophen Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), dem ruhm …

  • Women in German Yearbook

    Women in German Yearbook
    Women in German Yearbook

    The volume closes with the editors? views on the yearbook?s role in creating an ?American Germanics.

  • Clio s Daughters

    Clio’s Daughters
    Lynette Felber

    This work reveals the wealth of women's historical writings, demonstrating that Victorian domestic ideology did not prevent women from making history, featuring both as historical subjects and writers of history.

  • Frye and the Word

    Frye and the Word
    Jeffery Donaldson, Alan Mendelson

    "Frye and the Word" draws together leading scholars in the fields of literary studies and hermeneutics, religious studies, and philosophy to construe and debate the late thought and writings of Northrop Frye in their spiritual dimension.

  • Race Slavery and Abolitionism in the Romantic Period William Blake s Little Black Boy

    Race, Slavery and Abolitionism in the Romantic Period – William Blake’s ‘Little Black Boy’
    Uli Dürr

    Seminar paper from the year 2011 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies – Literature, grade: 1,0, University of Würzburg, language: English, abstract: This term paper deals with the institution of slavery and the process of …

  • J G Ballard

    J.G. Ballard
    Andrzej Gasiorek

    A comprehensive account of the work of J.G. Ballard, one of the most important fiction writers of the past forty years. Traces the development of his career, and the significant contribution he has made to contemporary writing.

  • An Explanation of the Birds

    An Explanation of the Birds
    Antonio Lobo Antunes

    Rui S., a political historian, is unable to accept the circumstances of his life: his mother's death from cancer, his estrangement from his family, his rejection by his first wife and children, his political vacillations and his ambigious …

  • From the Book to the Book

    From the Book to the Book
    Edmond Jabès

    The first anthology to span the oeuvre of the late writer Edmond Jabès, including pieces previously unpublished in English.

  • CliffsNotes on Dickens Oliver Twist

    CliffsNotes on Dickens’ Oliver Twist
    Harry Kaste

    You’ll also find Life and background of the author, Charles Dickens A short introduction to the novel A list of characters Essays about symbolism, style, setting, and more A review section that tests your knowledge Classic literature or …

  • Imagining the Penitentiary

    Imagining the Penitentiary
    John Bender

    Arguing the attitudes expressed in narrative literature and art between 1719 and 1779 helped bring about the change from traditional prisons to penitentiaries, John Bender offers studies of Robinson Crusoe, Moll Flanders, The Beggar's Opera …

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