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  • Manuscripts Don t Burn

    Manuscripts Don’t Burn
    J.A.E. Curtis

    In Manuscripts Don't Burn, J.A.E. Curtis has collated the fruits of eleven years of research to produce a fascinating chronicle of Bulgakov's life, using a mass of exciting new material – much of which has never been published before.

  • The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare

    The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare
    Margreta de Grazia, Stanley Wells

    This book offers a comprehensive, readable and authoritative introduction to the study of Shakespeare, by means of nineteen newly commissioned essays.

  • Fairies Fractious Women and the Old Faith

    Fairies, Fractious Women, and the Old Faith
    Regina Buccola

    Fairies, unruly women, and vestigial Catholicism constituted a frequently invoked triad in late sixteenth-and early seventeenth-century drama which has seldom been critically examined and therefore constitutes a significant lacuna in …

  • The Horton Foote Review

    The Horton Foote Review
    Scot Lahaie

    The Horton Foote Review is the scholarly journal of the Horton Foote Society, which is dedicated to the study of the life and work of the great American dramatist.

  • Renaissance Revivals

    Renaissance Revivals
    Wendy Griswold

    Renaissance Revivals examines patterns in the London revivals of two English Renaissance theatre genres over the past four centuries.

  • Macbeth

    William Shakespeare

    Promised a golden future as ruler of Scotland by three sinister witches, Macbeth murders the king to ensure his ambitions come true.

  • Reading Godot

    Reading Godot
    Lois Gordon

    Throughout, they repeat their intention “Let’s go,” but this is inevitably followed by the direction “(They do not move.).” This is Beckett’s poetic construct of the human condition.

  • A Concept of Dramatic Genre and the Comedy of a New Type

    A Concept of Dramatic Genre and the Comedy of a New Type
    V. Ulea

    The result is A Concept of Dramatic Genre and the Comedy of a New Type: Chess, Literature, and Film, a completely new approach to potential and systems thinking—which has never been a focus of dramatic theory before.

  • Il ventaglio

    Il ventaglio
    Carlo Goldoni

    Dall’esigenza di incontrare il gusto dei francesi, nasce Il ventaglio, una commedia agile e festosa, al cui centro non sta un personaggio, ma un oggetto: un ventaglio, pegno di due innamorati, la cui perdita scatena una serie di equivoci, …

  • Word Order in Greek Tragic Dialogue

    Word Order in Greek Tragic Dialogue
    Helma Dik

    A study of dialogue in Greek tragedy not as poetry in the first instance but as dialogue between the characters on stage.

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