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  • A Refuge in Thunder

    A Refuge in Thunder
    Rachel E. Harding

    Drawing principally on primary sources, such as police archives, Rachel E. Harding describes the development of the religion as an "alternative" space in which subjugated and enslaved blacks could gain a sense of individual and collective …

  • HabitaciĆ n con retratos

    HabitaciĆ³n con retratos
    Guillermo Sheridan

    Aunque Sheridan consulta e incorpora sabiamente informaciĆ³n que procede de testimonios, entrevistas, libros, archivos y correspondencia de Paz y de otras personas, la columna vertebral de su interpretaciĆ³n es su lectura detallada y …

  • Mining Memory

    Mining Memory
    Mary Beth Tierney-Tello

    The book demonstrates how, in the context of Peru, fictions focusing on childhood become vehicles for the national reimagining and collective remembering central to much of Latin American literature.

  • Invisible Work

    Invisible Work
    EfraĆ­n Kristal

    " In an age where many discussions of translation revolve around the dichotomy faithful/unfaithful, this book will surprise and delight even Borges's closest readers and critics.

  • La flor de lis

    La “flor de lis”
    Elena Poniatowska

    Mariana er en lille fransk hertuginde, som under 2. verdenskrig mƄ forlade sin trygge tilvƦrelse og flygte sammen med andre familiemedlemmer til Mexico. Da faderen slutter sig til dem efter krigen, er det ikke udelukkende idyl

  • Para Roberto BolaĆ o

    Para Roberto BolaƱo
    Jorge Herralde

    Compiled by Jorge Herralde, who was not only his editor but his close friend, this work provides an intimate look at both BolaƱos's work and his personality.

  • The Routledge Companion to Latino a Literature

    The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature
    Suzanne Bost, Frances R. Aparicio

    This collection provides a map of the critical issues central to the discipline, as well as uncovering new perspectives and new directions for the development of the field.

  • The Oxford Book of Latin American Short Stories

    The Oxford Book of Latin American Short Stories
    Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria

    This collection brings together 53 stories that span the history of Latin American literature and represent the most dazzling achievements in the form.

  • Transnational Cervantes

    Transnational Cervantes
    William Childers

    This ambitious work aims to utterly change the way Don Quixote and Cervantes' other works are read, particularly the posthumous The Trial of Persiles and Sigismunda.

  • Iracema

    Jos? de Alencar

    Jose de Alencar's prose-poem Iracema, first published in 1865, is a classic of Brazilian literature–perhaps the most widely-known piece of fiction within Brazil, and the most widely-read of Alencar;s many works.

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