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  • Maps of Difference

    Maps of Difference
    Wendy Roy

    Roy considers the connections Jameson makes between feminism and anti-racism in Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada (1838), Hubbard's insights in A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador (1908) into her relationship with First Nations …

  • From the Iron House

    From the Iron House
    Deena Rymhs

    Contributing to genre studies and theoretical understandings of life writing, and covering a variety of social topics, this work will be relevant to readers interested in indigenous studies, Canadian cultural studies, postcolonial studies, …

  • Timing Canada

    Timing Canada
    Paul Huebener

    In Timing Canada, Paul Huebener draws from cultural history, time-use surveys, political statements, literature, and visual art to craft a detailed understanding of how time operates as a form of power in Canada.

  • Mimic Fires

    Mimic Fires
    D. Bentley

    In this survey and analysis of long poems written about Canada between 1690 and 1900, D.M.R. Bentley establishes literary contexts for a greatly neglected period of Canadian literature.

  • A Few Acres of Snow

    A Few Acres of Snow
    Paul Simpson-Housley, G. B. Norcliffe

    These 22 essays explore how poets, artists, and writers have addressed the physical essence of Canada.

  • Icelandic Voice in Canadian Letters

    Icelandic Voice in Canadian Letters
    Daisy Neijmann

    This fascinating study explores a remarkable ethnic-Canadian literature in close textual and contextual terms for the first time.

  • In Translation

    In Translation
    Gabrielle Roy, Jane Everett, Joyce Marshall

    The two shared a deep and long-lasting friendship based on a shared interest in language and writing. In Translation offers a critical examination of the more than two hundred letters exchanged by Roy and Marshall between 1959 and 1980.

  • Irving Layton and Robert Creeley

    Irving Layton and Robert Creeley
    Irving Layton, Robert Creeley, Ekbert Faas, Sabrina Reed

    Irving Layton and Robert Creeley also recounts the cementing of avant-garde contacts between Canada and the United States through magazines such as Origin, Contact, and CIV/n.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature

    The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature
    James H. Cox, Daniel Heath Justice

    The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature reflects on these changes and provides a complete overview of the current state of the field.

  • Aboriginal Canada Revisited

    Aboriginal Canada Revisited
    Kerstin Knopf

    From the Introduction: “[This collection helps] to highlight areas where the colonial legacy still takes its toll, to acknowledge the manifold ways of Aboriginal cultural expression, and to demonstrate where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal …

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