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  • On Patrick White

    On Patrick White
    Christos Tsiolkas

    Provocative and crisp, these books start a fresh conversation between past and present, shed new light on the craft of writing, and introduce some intriguing and talented authors and their work.

  • Writing Never Arrives Naked

    Writing Never Arrives Naked
    Penny van Toorn, Penelope Van Toorn

    This book deals with real stories of how Indigenous Australians used writing and reading to negotiate a changing world, to challenge their oppressors, to preserve country and kin.

  • Catching Australian Theatre in the 2000s

    Catching Australian Theatre in the 2000s
    Richard Fotheringham, James Smith

    Whether catching Australian theatre during the 2000s or catching up now, this volume provides the reader with an overview of the decade.

  • Post Multicultural Writers as Neo cosmopolitan Mediators

    Post-Multicultural Writers as Neo-cosmopolitan Mediators
    Sneja Gunew

    Using Lyotard’s concept of post as the future anterior (back to the future), this book sets up a concept of post-multiculturalism salvaging the elements within multiculturalism that have been forgotten in its contemporary denigration.

  • Di Serambi On the Verandah

    Di Serambi: On the Verandah
    Iem Brown, Joan Davis

    As a bilingual collection, this book serves those with general interest in Asian Studies as well as language students. Di Serambi: On the Verandah will prove invaluable to students and teachers of Indonesian language and culture.

  • Finding Meaning

    Finding Meaning
    Brandy Nalani McDougall

    Through kaona, author Brandy Nalani McDougall affirms the tremendous power of Indigenous stories and genealogies to give lasting meaning to decolonization movements"–Provided by publisher.

  • The Languages and Linguistics of the New Guinea Area

    The Languages and Linguistics of the New Guinea Area
    Bill Palmer

    The Languages and Linguistics of the New Guinea Area: A Comprehensive Guide is part of the multi-volume reference work on the languages and linguistics of all major regions of the world.

  • Reading by Numbers

    Reading by Numbers
    Katherine Bode

    The case studies in this book offer insight into a wide range of features of the literary field, including trends and cycles in the gender of novelists, the formation of fictional genres and literary canons, and the relationship of …

  • Writers in Residence

    Writers in Residence
    Jenny Robin Jones

    Writers in residence shows writing as a way in which a new place is explored and understood.

  • Gulf

    James McNaught

    This is a long novel, a tapestry of life in rural Australia with all the characters, the localities, the climate and the social life so finely pictured that not one single aspect of the portrayal jars.

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