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  • Rethinking India s Oral and Classical Epics

    Rethinking India’s Oral and Classical Epics
    Alf Hiltebeitel

    Breathtaking in scope, this work is indispensable for those seeking a deeper understanding of South Asia's Hindu and Muslim traditions. This work is the third volume in Hiltebeitel's study of the Draupadi cult.

  • Lost Names

    Lost Names
    Richard E. Kim

    In this classic tale, Richard E. Kim paints seven vivid scenes from a boyhood and early adolescence in Korea at the height of the Japanese occupation, 1932 to 1945.

  • Practical Ethics for Our Time

    Practical Ethics for Our Time
    Eiji Uehiro

    A scathing critique of the global consumer culture that's bound to cause controversy among Western readers, Practical Ethics for Our Time argues that Japan's future success as a nation depends upon the ability of its citizens to uphold …

  • Visions of Dystopia in China s New Historical Novels

    Visions of Dystopia in China’s New Historical Novels
    Jeffrey C. Kinkley

    This book casts ChinaÕs highbrow historical novels from the 1990s to the mid-2000s as a distinctively Chinese contribution to the form of the global dystopian novel and, consequently, to global thinking about the interrelations of utopia …

  • Negotiating Masculinities in Late Imperial China

    Negotiating Masculinities in Late Imperial China
    Martin W. Huang

    How did their attitudes in turn shape the martial heroes and other masculine models they constructed? Martin Huang attempts to answer these questions in this valuable work on manhood in late imperial China.

  • Literary India

    Literary India
    Patrick Colm Hogan, Lalita Pandit

    This book analyzes a variety of materials from the Indian literary tradition. examining both its indigenous development and its relation to the West, and developing ideas from cultural criticism, literary theory, linguistics, and Indology.

  • Understanding Korean Literature

    Understanding Korean Literature
    Hŭng-gyu Kim

    Understanding Korean Literature (Han'guk munhak ui ihae) introduces the development and characteristics of the various historical and contemporary genres of Korean literature in a refreshingly clear way.

  • The Selected Poems of Wang Wei

    The Selected Poems of Wang Wei
    Wei Wang, David Hinton

    A selection of definitive works by the acclaimed eighth-century Chinese writer offers insight into his mastery of the short imagistic landscape poem, his assiduous practice of Zen Buddhism, and ability to convey philosophical and sensory …

  • Croaking Frogs

    Croaking Frogs
    Les Morgan, Ram Karan Sharma, Anthony Biduck

    This guide to Sanskrit metrics and figures of speech can be used as a workbook for learning how to chant verses. It includes fully-worked examples of the most popular types of verse. The book has six sections: 1.

  • The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature

    The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature
    William H. Nienhauser

    "A vertitable feast of concise, useful, reliable, and up-to-dateinformation (all prepared by top scholars in the field), Nienhauser's now two-volumetitle stands alone as THE standard reference work for the study of traditionalChinese …

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