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  • Rethinking India s Oral and Classical Epics

    Rethinking India’s Oral and Classical Epics
    Alf Hiltebeitel

    Breathtaking in scope, this work is indispensable for those seeking a deeper understanding of South Asia's Hindu and Muslim traditions. This work is the third volume in Hiltebeitel's study of the Draupadi cult.

  • The Phantom Heroine

    The Phantom Heroine
    Judith T. Zeitlin

    This book should appeal to readers interested in Chinese studies, gender studies, comparative literature, performance studies, the history of religion, and of course, ghost stories and the occult

  • Frontier Taiwan

    Frontier Taiwan
    Michelle Yeh, N. G. D. Malmqvist

    The history of modern Taiwanese poetry parallels and tells the story of this transformation from periphery to frontier.

  • Grand Expectations

    Grand Expectations
    James T. Patterson

    Here is an era teeming with memorable events–from the bloody campaigns in Korea and the bitterness surrounding McCarthyism to the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, to the Vietnam War, Watergate, and Nixon's resignation …

  • Riddles of Belonging

    Riddles of Belonging
    Christi A. Merrill

    Salman Rushdie is not the first to pose crucial questions of belonging by telling a version of this narrative: the work of non-English-language writers like Vijay Dan Detha, whose tales are at the core of this book, asks what …

  • Representing the Other in Modern Japanese Literature

    Representing the Other in Modern Japanese Literature
    Rachael Hutchinson, Mark Williams

    Using a diverse cross-section of writers and texts as case studies, this edited volume brings together contributions from a number of leading international experts in the field and is written at an accessible level, making it essential …

  • East Wind Melts the Ice

    East Wind Melts the Ice
    Liza Dalby

    This is a book to dip in and out of throughout the year."—Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun "Liza Dalby's memoir of the seasons is as fresh and captivating as springtime.

  • Narasinha Mehta of Gujarat

    Narasinha Mehta of Gujarat
    Neelima Shukla-Bhatt

    Taking Gandhi's use of these works in his social reconstruction programs as an example, the book suggests that when religious forms such as songs and hagiographies of saint-poets of South Asia acquire dimensions of popular culture, they …

  • Visions of Dystopia in China s New Historical Novels

    Visions of Dystopia in China’s New Historical Novels
    Jeffrey C. Kinkley

    This book casts ChinaÕs highbrow historical novels from the 1990s to the mid-2000s as a distinctively Chinese contribution to the form of the global dystopian novel and, consequently, to global thinking about the interrelations of utopia …

  • Negotiating Masculinities in Late Imperial China

    Negotiating Masculinities in Late Imperial China
    Martin W. Huang

    How did their attitudes in turn shape the martial heroes and other masculine models they constructed? Martin Huang attempts to answer these questions in this valuable work on manhood in late imperial China.

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