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  • Mind of Winter

    Mind of Winter
    William W. Bevis

    Bevis addresses the most puzzling and least studied aspect of Wallace Stevens’ poetry: detachment.

  • Dos Passos s Early Fiction 1912 1938

    Dos Passos’s Early Fiction, 1912-1938
    Michael Clark

    Focuses on unpublished manuscripts and closely examines Dos Passos's first novels. This book reveals how his practical aesthetics and use of myth come together in a triumph of form that presents an important vision of America.

  • Flawed Texts and Verbal Icons

    Flawed Texts and Verbal Icons
    Hershel Parker

    An evaluation of the importance of textual criticism in evaluation of important literary works, based on his study of important American literary works by authors such as James, Crane, and Mailer.

  • Reconnecting with John Muir

    Reconnecting with John Muir
    Terry Gifford

    Advancing for the first time the concept of "post-pastoral practice," Reconnecting with John Muir springs from Terry Gifford's understanding of the great naturalist as an exemplar of integrated, environmentally conscious knowing and writing …

  • Reading in

    Reading in
    JoAnn McCaig

    While on one level telling the story of one author’s career — the progress of Alice Munro, so to speak — the book also illustrates how cultural studies analysis suggests ways of opening up the rich but underutilized literary resource …

  • The Decline and Fall of the Lettered City

    The Decline and Fall of the Lettered City
    Jean FRANCO, Jean Franco

  • Raising Your Kids Right

    Raising Your Kids Right
    Michelle Ann Abate

    Highlighting the works of William Bennett, Lynne Cheney, Bill O'Reilly, and others, Michelle Ann Abate brings together such diverse fields as cultural studies, literary criticism, political science, childhood studies, brand marketing, and …

  • Dialect and Dichotomy

    Dialect and Dichotomy
    Lisa Cohen Minnick

    Dialect and Dichotomy outlines the history of dialect writing in English and its influence on linguistic variation.

  • Social Criticism and Nineteenth Century American Fictions

    Social Criticism and Nineteenth-Century American Fictions
    Robert Shulman

    Shulman uses theorists from Tocqueville to Gramsci and the New Left historians, as well as drawing on other recent historical and critical studies, to examine major nineteenth-century American works as they illuminate and are illuminated by …

  • Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1 Reader s Edition Volume 1

    Autobiography of Mark Twain: Volume 1, Reader’s Edition, Volume 1
    Mark Twain

    This Reader’s Edition, a portable paperback in larger type, republishes the text of the hardcover Autobiography in a form that is convenient for the general reader, without the editorial explanatory notes.

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