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  • The Ground of Our Beseeching

    The Ground of Our Beseeching
    Peter Sharpe

    "The Ground of Our Beseeching: Metaphor and the Poetics of Meditation describes the signature styles of meditation in three American poets, and shows how each generated language out of spiritual yearning.

  • Readings of the Particular

    Readings of the Particular
    Anne Holden Rønning, Lene Johannessen

    The present collection aims at throwing light on transculturality and the identities and masks that people put on, in writing as much as in life, in an age of global levelling and the struggle for a particular place in a postcolonial world.

  • Postcolonial Imagination and Moral Representations in African Literature and Culture

    Postcolonial Imagination and Moral Representations in African Literature and Culture
    Chielozona Eze

    This book celebrates the emergence of new interpretive paradigms such as in African philosophy, gender studies and literature.

  • African Print Cultures

    African Print Cultures
    Derek Peterson, Steph Newell, Emma Hunter

    Papers presented at the 2013 meeting of the African Print Cultures Network, held July 2013 at the University of Birmingham, England.

  • Introduction Ă la littĂ rature berbĂ re La poĂ sie

    Introduction à la littérature berbère: La poésie
    Abdallah Bounfour

    Cet ouvrage est le premier d'un triptyque.

  • Les Hirondelles de Kaboul de Yasmina Khadra Analyse de l oeuvre

    Les Hirondelles de Kaboul de Yasmina Khadra (Analyse de l’oeuvre)
    Clarisse Spies,,

    Décryptez Les Hirondelles de Kaboul de Yasmina Khadra avec l'analyse du PetitLitté !

  • Handbuch Literatur Emotionen

    Handbuch Literatur & Emotionen
    Martin von Koppenfels, Cornelia Zumbusch

    Dieses Handbuch liefert eine zusammenfassende Darstellung, die diese lange Reflexionstradition in Bezug zu theoretischen Ansätzen des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts setzt und an konkreten Fallstudien anschaulich macht.

  • Moving Spirit

    Moving Spirit
    Julie Cairnie, Dobrota Alz̆beta Pucherová

    This multimedia collection is inspired by the life and work of the Zimbabwean cult writer Dambudzo Marechera (1952-1987). The book demonstrates the growing influence of Marechera among writers, artists, and scholars worldwide.

  • African Pasts Presents and Futures

    African Pasts, Presents, and Futures
    Ph. D Khannous

    The book explores different aspects of women’s agency at the political, cultural, social, religious and aesthetic level, and highlights their civil society activism and push for legal reform.

  • Autobiography and Independence

    Autobiography and Independence
    Debra Kelly

    This book offers an in-depth study of the autobiographical writings of four twentieth-century writers from North Africa, Assia Djebar, Mouloud Feraoun, AbdelkĂ©bir Khatibi and Albert Memmi, as they explore issues of language, identity and …

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