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  • Republic


    Republic is the central work of the Western world's most famous philosopher. Essentially an inquiry into morality, Republic also contains crucial arguments and insights into many other areas of philosophy.

  • The Revolt of the Young

    The Revolt of the Young

    The essays present readers with a voice from the past, with uncanny foretelling of issues raised by the events that occurred in Egypt more than twenty years after al-Hakim’s death.

  • The Bible According to Mark Twain

    The Bible According to Mark Twain
    Mark Twain, Howard G. Baetzhold, Joseph B. Mccullough

    Compiles letters, essays, diaries, and excerpts about heaven, hell, sinners, and saints

  • An Apology for Raymond Sebond

    An Apology for Raymond Sebond
    Michel Montaigne

    Wise, perceptive and remarkably informed, this is one of the true masterpieces of the essay form.

  • A Berlin Republic

    A Berlin Republic
    J_rgen Habermas

    A Berlin Republic (Die Normalität einer Berliner Republik) brings together writings on the new, united Germany by one of that country’s most original and trenchant commentators, Jürgen Habermas.

  • Women in Clothes

    Women in Clothes
    Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, Leanne Shapton

    Women in Clothes is a book unlike any other.

  • Antropologia dell acqua Riflessioni sulla natura liquida del linguaggio

    Antropologia dell’acqua. Riflessioni sulla natura liquida del linguaggio
    Anne Carson, Antonella Anedda, Elisa Biagini, Emmanuela Tandello

    "La voce più originale della letteratura in lingua inglese oggi", così Michael Ondaatje – l'autore del Paziente inglese – ha definito Anne Carson.

  • The Eudaimonic Turn

    The Eudaimonic Turn
    James O. Pawelski, D. J. Moores

    This book is a collection of critical essays that examine a radical shift in focus and orientation.

  • De Profundis and Other Prison Writings

    De Profundis and Other Prison Writings
    Oscar Wilde

    Colm Tóibín's introduction explores Wilde's duality in love, politics and literature. This edition also includes notes on the text and suggested further reading. Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin.

  • Conversations in Jazz

    Conversations in Jazz
    Ralph J. Gleason

    This remarkable volume, a must-read for any jazz fan, serious musician, or musicologist, reveals fascinating, little-known details about these gifted artists, their lives, their personas, and, of course, their music.

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