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  • The Eudaimonic Turn

    The Eudaimonic Turn
    James O. Pawelski, D. J. Moores

    This book is a collection of critical essays that examine a radical shift in focus and orientation.

  • Conversations in Jazz

    Conversations in Jazz
    Ralph J. Gleason

    This remarkable volume, a must-read for any jazz fan, serious musician, or musicologist, reveals fascinating, little-known details about these gifted artists, their lives, their personas, and, of course, their music.

  • The Mirror of the Sea

    The Mirror of the Sea
    Joseph Conrad

    The volume The Mirror of the Sea is a collection of several autobiographical sketches, remembrances and essays that Conrad originally published in a number of European magazines.

  • Sidney s The Defence of Poesy and Selected Renaissance Literary Criticism

    Sidney’s ‘The Defence of Poesy’ and Selected Renaissance Literary Criticism
    Gavin Alexander

    Controversy raged through England during the 1570-80s as Puritans denounced all manner of games & pastimes as a danger to public morals.

  • Escritura y melancolĂ a

    Escritura y melancolĂ­a
    Juan Domingo ArgĂŒelles

    Juan Domingo ArgĂŒelles no se dedica, en palabras de Marcial, a hablar de centauros, ni gorgonas ni arpĂ­as, sino que su tema es el hombre y la humanidad, la persona concreta y su padecimiento.

  • 100 Essays I Don t Have Time to Write

    100 Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write
    Sarah Ruhl

    The titles themselves speak to the volume's uniqueness: "On lice," "On sleeping in the theater," "On motherhood and stools (the furniture kind)," "Greek masks and Bell's palsy." 100 Essays I Don't Have Time to Write is a book in which …

  • And Yet

    And Yet…
    Christopher Hitchens

    "This collection of essays brings together some of the finest pieces Hitchens published over the last two decades for the first time in one book, addressing with characteristic wit and erudition the subjects he is best known for, including: …

  • Crime Scenes

    Crime Scenes
    Anne Mullen, Emer O’Beirne

    The essays in this collection are based on papers given at a conference on detective fiction in European culture, held at the University of Exeter in September 1997.

  • Ensayos fundamentales

    Ensayos fundamentales
    Fernando Troyano

    Fernando Troyano es ingeniero y filĂłsofo.

  • Biktare och bedragare

    Biktare och bedragare
    Magnus von Platen

    Biktare och bedragare i svensk kultur- och litteraturhistoria Àr föremÄlen för de lÀrda och eleganta studierna i Magnus von Platens essÀsamling.

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