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  • Att  vers tta sj len

    Att översätta själen
    Kjell Espmark

    Kjell Espmarks Att översätta själen (1975) lyfter fram ett viktigt obeaktat sammanhang i poesin från Les fleurs du mal och framåt.

  • The Art of Travel

    The Art of Travel
    Philip Dodd

    First published in 1982. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • 母親屋裡的那盞燈

    作者記省自軍中退役之後,開始上班,公司在彰化,有一天晚上搭火車從彰化到板橋,車子一過樹林,他忽然非常想家,下了車走到文化路上,遠遠望著屋前那棵大榕樹,看見樹邊的 …

  • Six Minutes of Terror

    Six Minutes of Terror
    Nazia Sayed, Sharmin Hakim

    Six Minutes of Terror is the first investigative book that will present a blow by blow account of the events that led to the terrorist attack, profile the people involved in the blasts as well as describe how the plot was unearthed by the …

  • It All Adds Up

    It All Adds Up
    Saul Bellow

    Bellow was America's writer, and in this superb collection of nonfiction essays he demonstated his vigilance of and loyalty to his country over a span of 45 years.

  • Il mio cuore messo a nudo

    Il mio cuore messo a nudo
    Charles Baudelaire

    Non si può dire che il moderno sia veramente nato finché Baudelaire non comincia ad annotare le stenografie del suo «cuore messo a nudo».

  • Leer la pobreza en Am rica Latina

    Leer la pobreza en América Latina
    Daniel Noemi Voionmaa

    La velocidad que busca esta escritura es la velocidad de la pobreza, la dromopenia.

  • ديوان عبد القادر الجيلاني
    الدكتور عبدالله خضر حمد

    إن الشعر الصوفي مصاحب للتصوف كعلم وصدى له، مستفيدا من الارث الشعري العربي، نابعا عن الانفعال العاطفي في التجربة الصوفية، مندمجا مع …

  • Way Down Yonder in the Indian Nation

    Way Down Yonder in the Indian Nation
    Michael Wallis

    From tales of the notorious Oklahoma panhandle, where “the only law was the colt and the carbine,” to the fate of Woody Guthrie’s mother Nora, who, burdened by depression, set fire to her kids and spent the last years of her life in …

  • Essays on Immigration

    Essays on Immigration
    Bob Blaisdell

    "The concept of immigration remains central to American culture, past and present. This original anthology surveys the experience from a wide range of cultural and historical viewpoints, ranging from the 17th to 21st centuries.

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