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  • The Congo and the Cameroons

    The Congo and the Cameroons
    Mary Kingsley

    Reading these books is to see the world afresh, to rediscover a time when many cultures were quite strange to each other, where legends and stories were treated as facts and in which so much was still to be discovered.

  • Absolute Khushwant

    Absolute Khushwant
    Khushwant Singh

    Khushwant Singh has never been less than honest. In Absolute Khushwant, India's grand old man of letters tells us about his life, his loves and his work. He writes on happiness, faith and honesty.

  • The War of 1812 U S War Department Correspondence 1812 1815

    The War of 1812 U.S. War Department Correspondence, 1812-1815
    John C. Fredriksen

    This collection of War Department correspondence gives a complete account through more than 11,000 official and unofficial letters, annotated and indexed here for the first time.

  • Il mio cuore messo a nudo

    Il mio cuore messo a nudo
    Charles Baudelaire

    Non si può dire che il moderno sia veramente nato finché Baudelaire non comincia ad annotare le stenografie del suo «cuore messo a nudo».

  • Arthur Miller s Century

    Arthur Miller’s Century
    Stephen Marino

    This collection includes eclectic essays from Miller scholars who provide detailed discussions of text and performance, of Miller as a political and cultural figure, and of his connection to other playwrights.

  • ديوان عبد القادر الجيلاني
    الدكتور عبدالله خضر حمد

    إن الشعر الصوفي مصاحب للتصوف كعلم وصدى له، مستفيدا من الارث الشعري العربي، نابعا عن الانفعال العاطفي في التجربة الصوفية، مندمجا مع …

  • Essays on Immigration

    Essays on Immigration
    Bob Blaisdell

    "The concept of immigration remains central to American culture, past and present. This original anthology surveys the experience from a wide range of cultural and historical viewpoints, ranging from the 17th to 21st centuries.

  • Visi n en azul

    Visión en azul
    Alois M. Haas

    En B+Poesia en la mistica cristiana y en el budismo zenB; , mediante un estudio comparativo entre las creaciones poeticas de la Europa medieval y de la poesia oriental, sobre todo japonesa, Haas pone de manifiesto sus indudables similitudes …

  • Mostly Grave Thoughts

    Mostly Grave Thoughts
    Eugene Goodheart

    Looming largest is Montaigne, the inventor of the modern personal essay. This book focuses on universally important subjects, including an individual’s place in a community, family, fatherhood, growing older, being Jewish, and friendship.

  • G K Chesterton

    G. K. Chesterton
    Ian Ker

    G. K. Chesterton is remembered as a brilliant creator of nonsense and satirical verse, author of the Father Brown stories and the innovative novel, The Man who was Thursday, and yet today he is not counted among the major English novelists …

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