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    О том, как я учился писать
    Максим Горький

    An essay by Maxim Gorky (1868—1936), originally published in 1928. * * * * * * Публицистическое произведение Максима Горького (1868—1936), впервые опубликованное в 1928 …

  • On Lying in Bed and Other Essays by G K Chesterton

    On Lying in Bed and Other Essays by G.K. Chesterton
    Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Alberto Manguel

    Many of these essays are made available here for the first time since they were printed almost a century ago.

  • Divisions on a Ground

    Divisions on a Ground
    Northrop Frye

    "Thirteen essays and addresses on Canadian writing, teaching, and society by one of the most influential critical thinkers of the century."

  • 하나같이 다들 제멋대로

    그대도 ‘살림하는 남자’인가요? [조회수 폭발] 만화가 권용득의 전지적 남편시점 에세이 프리랜서 예술 노동자(만화가) 부부의 치열한 가사분담과 헬조선 각자도생 프리랜서 예술 …

  • Marie Stopes Birth Control and Other Writings Volume 1

    Marie Stopes: Birth Control and Other Writings, Volume 1
    Marie Carmichael Stopes

    'Lesley Hall is excellently qualified to edit and introduce this important collection of my mother's work.

  • Rereadings

    Anne Fadiman

    The editor of Rereadings is Anne Fadiman, and readers of her bestselling book Ex Libris (FSG, 1998) will find this volume especially satisfying.

  • Skeptical Music

    Skeptical Music
    David Bromwich

    Skeptical Music collects the essays on poetry that have made David Bromwich one of the most widely admired critics now writing.

  • Six Minutes of Terror

    Six Minutes of Terror
    Nazia Sayed, Sharmin Hakim

    Six Minutes of Terror is the first investigative book that will present a blow by blow account of the events that led to the terrorist attack, profile the people involved in the blasts as well as describe how the plot was unearthed by the …

  • It All Adds Up

    It All Adds Up
    Saul Bellow

    Bellow was America's writer, and in this superb collection of nonfiction essays he demonstated his vigilance of and loyalty to his country over a span of 45 years.

  • Il mio cuore messo a nudo

    Il mio cuore messo a nudo
    Charles Baudelaire

    Non si può dire che il moderno sia veramente nato finché Baudelaire non comincia ad annotare le stenografie del suo «cuore messo a nudo».

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